Beauty Rx! Top 10 Solutions to Everyday Beauty Woes

We’ve all been there. You’re having a perfectly good hair day and then out of nowhere, an ugly red bump sprouts up on your cheek. Or, somewhere between the mad dash from the early morning workout to that last-minute meeting, your “smudge-proof” mascara is now smeared under your eyes. Arm yourself with these tools and […]

Juliette Has a Gun Perfume: The Sweet Smell of Star-Crossed Seduction

Listen up fragrance aficionados, we’ve stumbled on a perfume line that speaks to your literary yearnings for a scent with intrigue. Juliette Has a Gun is a fragrance line meant to be an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet, transposed to the 21st century. The gun of course is a metaphor for the […]

New Summer Scents from CLEAN Perfume

I’ve been struggling for some time now to find my signature scent. As I experimented with body sprays, perfumes and combinations of both, it seemed all my friends had found their perfect fragrance right off the bat. No matter what new fragrance I came across, I still couldn’t find one that was perfect for me. […]

Message in a Bottle: Body Bliss I ♥ Japan Aromatherapy Oil

A leading formulator of all-natural personal care products based in Sedona, Arizona, Body Bliss has created a healing aromatherapy oil called ‘I ♥ Japan’ to provide financial support to the people of Japan in the wake of the recent catastrophic disaster. The aromatic essential oil blend not only aids in the recovery of Japan but […]

Santa-tize Odors and Get 20% Off Poo-Pourri Bathroom Spray

We discovered Poo-Pourri – a playful line of bathroom sprays that take on embarrassing smells with a vengeance – a few years ago at a spa show and the cute little bottles are now permanent fixtures in our powder rooms. The company’s trademark line, “Spritz the bowl before you go and no one else will […]

Pleasure Domes: Frederic Malle Home Fragrance Candle Collection Launches at Barneys

Frederic Malle Candle

During Frederic Malle’s recent world-wind tour to launch his new home fragrance collection, I was one of the lucky few to snag an interview with him on his stop at Barneys New York Scottsdale. The grandson of Dior Perfumes founder Serge Heftler, Frederic made his own mark by collaborating with the world’s leading perfumers to […]

Good Scents: New Fragrances for the Picky Mom

Mother's Day Perfume Picks

Sniffing out that perfect scent is no easy undertaking – especially when it's a gift for a super persnickety mom. The trick is to try and identify which scent best fits her personality and lifestyle (and including a return receipt with the pretty package just in case!). From sweet to spicy, here's the pick of […]

New Notes and Trip to Paris from Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum

For girly girls and fans of the city of lights, love and high-style, fashion giant YSL has graced the beauty world with a brand spanking new fragrance, Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne Eau de Parfum. The flirty aroma fuses together blackberry, damask rose and sandalwood and is inspired by the notion of living and loving in […]

Get to Know the Spa Collection from Lisa Hoffman Beauty with an Exclusive Offer

Lisa Hoffman gets it. Her bath, body and fragrance line gives us self-nurturers a home spa indulgence that merges form and function with uplifting fragrances and a touch of frivolity. Oh, and she happens to be the wife of Tootsie. A seasoned traveler and beauty connoisseur, Lisa Hoffman has been globe trotting for most of […]

Notes from the Fragrance Files: Tokyomilk Parfums

Seems to us that the fragrance world has become bogged down by pricey, trendy scents backed by fleeting star power. That’s why we can’t resist when a fragrance line comes along with its own edgy voice. Our new love is the playful parfums from Tokyomilk — perfumes that capture a variety of moods and vices […]

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