Hot Tot: Bathing Care for Your Royal Baby

Hot Tot Spotless Tot

The most highly anticipated baby of the year has finally arrived and we all know little Prince George will have only the finest at his disposal. Luckily, royal-born or not, so can yours … and mine too! Meet Hot Tot! It’s a line of safe, specialized and natural products to help your child style from the start.

Being the over-enthusiastic spa girl that I am, I had Hot Tot’s Spotless Tot ready and waiting while I was still just a mommy-in-waiting. After what seemed like forever, her first bath was finally here and spa baby would have her very first at-home spa experience.

As with any at-home treatment, the packaging was the first to catch my eye quickly followed by the user-friendly qualities. The simple pump bottle dispenses an easy-to-manage foam that can be used on both body and hair (which she had a full head of from day one). I have seen my friends and family struggle with liquid squeeze bottles while managing their slippery babies … so not spa-like! Instead, the Hot Tot foam created a nice, soft lather that the baby couldn’t quite get enough of.

The next quality to make or break a good spa day is fragrance and Hot Tot smells fantastic! Everyone oohs and ahhs over the smell of a new baby because, truly, nothing beats it. But I have noticed that many products, from lotions to wipes, are overbearingly scented and quickly camouflage that angelic scent with an artificial version or floral concoction. Not Spotless Tot. This has a subtle aroma that feels clean while also richly warm – just like baby and perfect for after-bath snuggles. To quote the creator, Megan Gage, “A forever fan of the Cabbage Patch Doll, I used that special scent as the inspiration behind Hot Tot’s signature scent.” She got that right.

After just a few uses, I noticed how great our little miss’s skin was getting. While restricted to sponge baths and spot cleaning with wipes, she started getting some rough patches, baby acne and even dry scalp. But these were long gone almost immediately and she is left with huggable, soft skin and no signs of dry scalp.

My husband was a bit skeptical of using a new product on your precious little one. But after reviewing the site and reading through their philosophy, I learned that Hot Tot is actually better for baby than most products currently on the market. The mild formula has naturally sourced, hypoallergenic and organic ingredients. Once I explained this to my hubby and he saw the product in action, he was a fan too. You wouldn’t believe what ingredients can be found in other baby products!

Needless to say, Hot Tot’s Spotless Tot has found a permanent place in our bath time routine and I can’t wait to treat our royal little one to other products in their line-up.

Hot Tot Spotless Tot can be purchased for $14 at Comb-A-Cabana in Scottsdale, Luxe Salon & Spa in Gilbert and at

Hot Tot