Hat Head Revisited: Retro Revival Shower Caps

Shower Cap

Sometimes, I just need to wash that man right out of my hair – except when I don’t. Once in a while I want to enjoy a long, hot shower or soapy bubble bath to melt the stress of the day away without worrying about getting my long locks wet. I have naturally curly hair, so my curly haired sisters can relate that getting your curly tresses near anything steam-related doesn’t end well.

Thankfully the wonderful brainchild behind Retro Revival shower caps saved the day!

These handmade, one-of-kind shower caps are not only adorbs, but totally functional. All of the Retro Revival caps are hand-sewn and no two are exactly the same. They are machine washable (gentle cycle, please) and should be air dried so that they’ll stand the test of time. They are lined with rip-proof nylon and covered in delightfully fun, lightweight cotton that has been pre-washed to avoid shrinking.

The variety of fabrics and trim colors will amaze you, but what’s even more amazing is the amount of time and love put into each Retro Revival product.

The head honcho of Retro Revival, Cindy, has “a passion for fabrics that are retro or vintage with kitschy and quirky charm.” She has a self-proclaimed obsession with vintage tablecloths, and all manner of retro linens and fabrics have inspired her to blend equal parts tradition and imagination, resulting in a modern take on timeless style. You can follow along her spirited journey on her Retro Revival blog.

I am obsessed with the Retro Revival website, where you can purchase more than just the retro-styled shower caps. Cindy has whipped up the cutest sleep bonnets (save your blowout!), aprons, bags and kitchen sundries you don’t think you need until you start looking at them. Seriously, an insulated travel case for your flat iron? I’ll take three!

So throw away that flimsy, old shower cap you swiped from a hotel and join the Retro Revival.

You can snag your own Retro Revival shower cap at retrorevival.biz for $18.