5 Tricks for Removing Halloween Makeup

Take the fright out of Halloween makeup removal with these five tricks! Body paint, sticky hairspray, glue-on eyelashes and glitter are staples of Halloween getups. But what goes on, must come off and that can be the scary part. Read on for tricks on how to take the fright out of removing Halloween makeup. 1. […]

Trend Spotting: Frighteningly Hot Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

This week, we’re digging our nails into Halloween nail art! It’s mid-week and we are feeling trendy. This week, we can’t help but notice the beauty buzz about Halloween nail art and glow-in-the-dark nail polish. Nails continue to heat up the blogosphere and there is no better excuse to create a spooky set of digits than on Halloween. […]

Halloween Trend Spotting: Lip Tattoos

violent lips

Kick your Halloween costume up a notch with Violent Lip Tattoos. Pucker up, baby!  Halloween is upon us. It is a time to reinvent yourself, dress up, do your hair and makeup in interesting and unique ways and have a great time with friends and family. It wouldn’t be a holiday around Spa Girl headquarters […]

Last-Minute Halloween Glitz from Hard Candy

Still haven’t decided what to be for Halloween? When in doubt, glam it up girlfriend! Hard Candy makeup has the goods to make it happen — all you need is a little imagination (and maybe a hot pair of stilettos). Best part is that you can pick up Hard Candy at any Walmart for a price […]

Halloween Beauty: Fun and Funky Ideas to Spook up Your BOOty Routine

Don’t be scared to inject some fun into your regular BOOty routine this Halloween. We’ve dug us some fun ideas for adding a punch of spooky fun to your home or look from the aisles of your local beauty haunt. For the Hostess with the Ghost-est Treat your gracious Halloween party hostess with a fall […]

Making Faces: Glam Halloween Masks Courtesy of TotalBeauty

Oh geez. So I have this Halloween shindig to go to on Saturday and I’m not feeling an ounce of creativity nor do I have the funds to hit the costume store. I can’t even go back to costumes of my recent past. I’ve since converted my Superstar Barbie pink taffeta gown into a table […]

Spooky SpaGirl Costume

I woke up in a bit of a tizzy this morning. See, I have this Halloween shindig tonight and haven’t had time to throw together a costume. I could still pull off my plan to be a peace-loving hippie (a real stretch for me as my friends know) but I would need to run around […]