The Heat is ON! Redken Duo Shield 07 Color Protecting Gel-Cream

redken duo shield 07 color protecting gel-cream

Hold on to your hair bows because this Spa Girl has discovered one of the most revolutionary hair products of the summer! Redken has taken color protection and styling gel to a new level with Redken duo shield 07 color protecting gel-cream.

This multitasking product helps preserve color vibrancy while strengthening colored hair for a stress-free blow dry with radiant style. At last, the agonizing wait for a product that protects your freshly colored tresses, while taming frizz, is over! I have naturally curly, frizzy hair that doesn’t exactly do what it’s told. Every morning I go to battle trying to tame my mane and the amount of half-used hair products I own is borderline obsessive.

The first thing that impressed me about Redken duo shield 07 color protecting gel-cream is the unique package design. It is a squeezable tube within a tube so the two products don’t mix until you want them to. (And the packaging is pink, which is super cute!) A nourishing pearl cream and a ceramide-rich fixing gel fuse together in a  formula that protects while shaping and sculpting hair. The product dispenses evenly, so you don’t deal with any messy clumps!

I washed and conditioned my hair like normal, applied the Redken product to my damp hair and dried it. Immediately I noticed the floral and fruity scents, thanks to cranberry oil that doubles as a conditioner. I appreciated that the product didn’t smell overly synthetic or fake. On top of that, my hair was very soft and frizz free! Normally when I use hair gel, I end up with stiffness to my curly locks that I can only describe as a hay-like texture. Not with this product. I had soft, manageable hair that definitely did not resemble Mr. Ed’s dinner.

I was pleasantly surprised that Redken duo shield 07 whipped my hair in to submission. This two-in-one product encompasses everything I look for in a hair product: color and heat protection along with styling and frizz-eliminating qualities. I would recommend this innovative styling product to anyone who is looking for a replacement for all of the so-so hair potions and bottles taking up space on their vanities.

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Redken duo shield 07 color protecting gel-cream retails for $19. To find it at an authorized Redken retailer near you, visit