Valentine's Day Beauty 411

Are you looking to perk up your day of love? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a round-up of Valentine’s Day beauty products that will have you ready for some L-O-V-E (or just a fun night out with your girls)!

Classic, sophisticated and theme-appropriate, Ralph Lauren Romance is one of Ralph Lauren’s most beloved fragrances for women. The fragrance has celebrated authentic romantic moments with iconic imagery of real-life couples since its launch in 1998.

Single on Valentine’s Day? No Problem. Skin Authority wanted to send a message erasing the stigma that one is a lonely number. That’s why they created a non-traditional Valentine’s gift: The limited-edition GO! Gorgeous Sweet Revenge Kit. After all, looking gorgeous and feeling whole is Sweet Revenge against outdated stereotypes.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for pampering and the unique textures of the products in the Cosmetics 27 skin care range offer an ultimate luxury at-home spa experience.

To stir the senses, try Essence of Vali’s Passion Love Gift Set and indulge in the sensuality of natural essences of orange zest, ylang/ylang petals, ginger root & patchouli leaves. Experience the caress of golden jojoba as you soak in a luxurious bath. Savor the touch of your lover as you share a pampering massage. Scent your bedroom with love mist as you delight in one another’s presence.

While Cupid may prick you with his arrow this Valentine’s Day, make sure you don’t prick others with stubbly, unshaven legs. Whether you’re flaunting a short skirt on a romantic date or sporting pajama shorts while watching “Kill Bill” with your boycotting buddies, having silky, smooth legs is the best way to give your skin the love it needs. Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream has seven formulas perfectly tailored for your skin and grooming needs.

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