Japan’s #1 Exfoliator, Cure Aqua Gel, Launches Exclusively Priced Set


For the third consecutive year, Japan’s #1 facial exfoliator, Cure Aqua Gel, was awarded the 2019 “Brand of the Year Award” in the Health and Beauty Category at the World Branding Awards.

To celebrate, Cure created a Cure Beauty Set containing their award-winning products: Cure Aqua Gel, Cure Water Treatment, and Cure Bath Salts. The box also includes two Cure Water Treatments in travel sizes. Valued at $107 for all items, the box (complete with usage instructions) will for a limited time be available $69.50 on Amazon

With a whopping 3,000 plus reviews on Amazon, Cure is an international cult favorite with a growing following.

The Cure Beauty Set includes:

1. Cure Aqua Gel ($38 value)

Cure Aqua Gel is a unique product that gently exfoliates your skin, removing its top layer of dead skin. The coolest part? You will visibly see small white bumps and dots start to form as you massage the product. That’s your dead skin cells coming right off. Cure is 91% activated hydrogen water, which has an antioxidant (anti-aging) effect. Plus, it contains aloe, gingko and rosemary extracts to remove unwanted dead skin cells. You will be surprised at how smooth your skin becomes!

cure beauty set

2. Cure Water Treatment ($62 value for all samples)

Cure Water Treatment hydrates the skin without oil. It is an all-in-one cream to use as your daily facial moisturizer both in the morning and at night. Plus, it makes for the perfect foundation when applying makeup or to use as an all over body lotion.

3. Cure Bathtime ($7.50 value for all samples)

Cure Bathtime is an at-home facial product made of 100% Ruby Rock Salt from Nepal. Lying hidden for 300-million years in the Himalaya mountains at elevations of around 15,000 feet, Himalayan rock salt is mentioned in the world’s earliest medical texts of the Ayurveda and has been used medicinally for the past 5,000 years ago. It is recognized as the world’s highest quality. Fill your basin with warm water and gently splash your face with benefits of Himalayan rock salt. The natural antioxidant properties of Cure Bathtime gently nurture external free-radical damage and aging skin. Now, you can enjoy the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing benefits of a 100%-natural Facial Beauty Treatment any time in the comfort of your home!

Get the Cure Beauty Set for a limited time for just $69.50 at amazon.

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