Dove Clear Tone for a No-Sweat Summer

Dove Clear Tone Skin Renew

Being sweaty is the pits … literally. Sweaty armpits are the worst, but underarms with those annoying little red marks from shaving and uneven skin tone is even worse. Thirty two million women in the U.S. reportedly experience this issue. The reason? We tend to neglect moisturizing this part of our body, which is an important step in reducing dryness and irritation caused by shaving. Thankfully, the new Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant takes on this nagging problem for us. It is the first and only U.S. deodorant designed to reduce red and dark marks and improve skin tone.

My first thought was, “Okay, yeah whatever.” I’ve struggled with red marks and dryness from shaving my armpits for years. I never attributed this to inadequate moisture in that part of my body. After all, don’t we use deodorant specifically to avoid moisturize in that part of our body? Admittedly, I was skeptical. I decided to put this product to the ultimate test.

The first day I used Dove Clear Tone I spent the entire day in the blazing Arizona sun at an outdoor festival in Tempe. With temperatures reaching the near 100’s (way too early in the year for that, might I add), I knew this would be the perfect test of endurance and sustainability for Dove Clear Tone. I immediately loved the smell. The girly fragrance of this deodorant is intoxicating. I caught whiffs of violet, lilac and rose throughout the day. To say I smelled wonderful would be an understatement. Even my man friend kept commenting on the “flowery smell” coming from me. Every time I smelled the floral notes, I smiled to myself because this deodorant doubled as my perfume for the day.

I am happy to report that this product lived up to its name. Not once did my armpits even think about glistening in the baking summer heat. After about a week of using this product, I noticed that I had virtually no red marks and the skin under my arms looked much smoother.

Thanks to calendula, sunflower seed extracts and unique Dove moisturizers, you can accelerate the natural skin renewal process just by adding this to your daily beauty regimen. Say, “bye-bye” to the irritating red bumped and dryness that accompanies consistently shaving your arms pits in the summer! Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant truly lives up to its name. This stand-out product is Dermatologist-tested and Spa Girls approved!

Dove Clear Tone is available in the following formulas:

  • Skin Renew Invisible Solid (my favorite!) – Light floral notes of violet, lilac and rose with vanilla musk
  • Sheer Touch Invisible Solid – Light citrus notes with hints of almond and coconut milk
  • Clinical Protection Renew – Offers prescription strength wetness protection with the maximum level of active ingredients (20%) available without a prescription.

You’ll find Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant at most major drugstores and mass market stores starting at about $5. Click here for a $1 off coupon or visit for more info.

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