Get Well Sooner: Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Solutions

I am not a dealer I swear but I’ve been portioning cupfuls of these white crystals into glass jars and baggies and giving them out to every sick person I know. Nothing feels as good as soaking your tush in a warm Epsom Salt bath when you’re sick, cranky and achy and all over – well, almost nothing. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution takes it up a notch with an addictive blend of calming essential oils. Seriously, pour two cupfuls of these salts in the tub under warm running water, soak for a good 20 minutes and call me in the morning!

Dr. Teal’s soaking solutions combine the soothing power of magnesium sulfate with essential oils for a first-rate, first-aid bath targeting specific ailments and senses. My favorite is the Calm version with chamomile essential oil – the smell is wildly calming. Other varieties include Sleep, Relax, Sensuality and Therapeutic Relief. The Oatmeal Bath Soaking Solution helps relieve dry, itchy skin and the Peppermint Foot Soak is a party for aching feet.

The best part about Dr. Teal’s soaks? A 3-pound bag is only $4.99 and is available at mass market retailers. Sweet, right?! Also available is a fragrant Vapor Bath or Body Lotion – both also priced right at about $4.99. More at

Feeling sick? Go soak yourself and get well soon!