Make Up For Ever HD: Makeup that Really Does Last and Last

Last Friday was one long, hot mess day. It started at 4 a.m. with a flurry of emails, tweets and blog posts. By 8:00, I was kicking the floor fan into high gear so I could primp for a live taping of Sonoran Living at the ABC-15 studios that morning. An hour or so later I was busting out the door where I got slapped with a wave of intense morning heat (oh hello black leather car seats, urhg!). The morning traffic was alive and well with morons (really dude, just because you’re late to work, does that mean you can swerve in and out of lanes at top speed and scare the living crap out of speed-abiding citizens? Sigh.) and by the time I got to the studio, my nerves were tweaked. I lugged my bag of props through the heat and into the cool, calm ABC-15 offices and flopped into a chair in the green room. And waited. And waited. Time was ticking away dangerously close to the time I was supposed to go on so I popped my head into the set. The studio was abuzz with a live audience and the production assistants were busy pumping them up for segment breakaways. Live TV is stressful to say the least and I was scooted into the interview chair within seconds before we went live – sans props. Hello thoroughly drenching nervous wave of perspiration (watch the segment clip).

The day was one sweat rush after another culminating that evening with our Summer Spaaah Series event at Golden Door Spa at The Boulders Resort. Awesome event but tons of work!

Here’s the thing: By the time I got home that night a good 12 hours later, my makeup was still kicking. I kid you not (because I don’t kid about these things – you should know that about me by now). I took a risk that morning and tried out the new Make Up For Ever foundation. I had read somewhere that Julia Roberts used the line on the movie set of Eat, Pray, Love so that’s all it took for me to snag it up on a recent Sephora store binge. Along with the Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($40), I bought the HD Complexion Travel Kit ($29, a $40 value) that comes with three of their bestselling products – the HD Microperfecting Primer, HD Elixir and HD Microfinish Powder. I used all four products per the package instructions.

The foundation looked slammin’ on camera and although I did get a little shiny throughout the course of my wacky day, I never had time to stop and powder my nose (here I am somewhere around 6:00 that evening). This stuff held up!

The other worry I had was that I’d wake up the next morning with a craggy landscape of pimples. Here I sit, three days later and no breakouts in sight (knocking on wood now). Make Up For Ever rocks. Simple as that. Get it at a Sephora store near you or at I would recommend trying it in the store so a super enthusiastic Sephora makeup consultant can match you up with the right shade.