Beauty Secrets: Ginger

Got a belly ache? Down a ginger ale. A touch of nausea? Gnaw on a hunk of raw ginger. Cramps? Sip on warm ginger tea. In both its fresh and dried forms, this pungent root (which is actually not a root, but is instead the rhizome of the plant if you want to get technical) is the darling of culinary and health aficionados alike as a seasoning and natural digestive aid. And because it boosts circulation, this deeply warming and aromatic plant has also sneaked its way into a host of beauty products. From high-end skincare serums to bath and body treats spiked with holiday aromas, here are a few ginger-spiced products that we uprooted from the beauty shelves.

Spoil your skin with the new Brightening Serum ($110) and Brightening Moisturizer ($100) from the June Jacobs Spa Collection. Zingiber Officinale (AKA, ginger) is part of a botanical blend found in this luxurious duo that replenishes moisture, restores skin resilience, combats future moisture loss and results in a youthful radiance. Available at select spas and

Invigorate your bathing experience with C.O. Bigelow Ginger Mentha Warming Body Wash ($12) and Ginger Mentha Double Ginger Bath Fizz ($5). Ginger and peppermint oil extracts collide for a deeply warming and fragrant bouquet for the body. Available at

Prep your skin for a night out with ginger-infused Delicious Scrub from Sothys Aroma-Sothys collection. Crushed ginger and spicy essential oils like ginger and mandarin leave skin dewy and deliciously scented. $44 at

Reward yourself with a spa interlude using Elemis Exotic Lime & Ginger Salt Glow. Used at spas throughout the world, this intoxicating sea salt scrub calls on ginger to stimulate the metabolism and lime to purify the skin. $58 at

Pump up your pout with cult beauty favorite Lip Venom from DuWop. A not-so-secret blend of ginger and cinnamon essential oils create a spicy, tingly gloss that makes lips appear full and pretty. $16 at

Spice up your shower with bottled holiday aromas from Philosophy. The festive gingerbread house kit comes with gingerbread, gumdrop, sweet creamy frosting and cinnamon hot dots high-foaming suds ($30) while subtle hints of ginger spike up Philosophy’s Pumpkin Spice Muffin 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath ($16). Available at

Ginger Beauty Tips

  • Add 1/4 cup minced fresh ginger to your bathtub for a warm, invigorating soak that boosts circulation.
  • Mix 2 to 3 drops of ginger essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as safflower, grapeseed or olive oil and massage into sore muscles.
  • Chew on a few pieces of dried ginger after a meal to freshen breath.