Masked Avenger: Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

Remember when you were 12 and you’d stop into Walgreens to pick up a $2 tub of some funky colored face mask to use at your next slumber party? Those masks rarely did much for us other than provide some great girlie entertainment. That’s pretty much the position I’ve always taken on face masks – totally unnecessary but fun on occasion.

Until now. The other day I popped into Mozaik Skin & Body in Scottsdale to get a much needed facial from the pro, Natalie Stabb. During the facial, Natalie used a new product that she told me she was obsessed with from Eminence Organic Skin Care called the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque. The mask, errr, masque felt amazing on my skin. Immediately after application, the masque delivers an intense cooling sensation and it smells fresh and clean. When Natalie removed the masque, my skin was extra smooth to the touch and felt squeaky clean.

This masque means serious business, according to Natalie. The masque not only helps prevent acne, but it can also help to minimize scars. What’s even cooler is the technology that Eminence has developed along with the masque to make help manage a number of skin issues. This specific masque is part of the Eminence VitaSkin Solutions line.

Eminence recently introduced a new approach to skincare that combines the internal goodies that your skin needs through dietary supplements along with the external benefits of the actual masque product. Basically, you take the supplements (in pill form) and also use the masque to see the maximum benefits. The dietary supplements help rid the body of toxins and transport much-needed nutrients to the skin, with ingredients like probiotics and potent extracts that help fight a number of skin ailments.  When the pills are used in conjunction with the one of the system’s masques, the results are dramatic … that’s why you’ll need to try it for yourself!

Eminence VitaSkin Solutions are available in three formulations: Clear Skin, (reduces acne scars plus it heals and prevents blemishes), Calm Skin (reduces redness and hyperpigmentation) and Firm Skin (firms and tightens skins, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles).

You can purchase VitaSkin Solutions ($54-$56) along with other Eminence products from Mozaik Skin & Body or buy it online here. I highly recommend booking a facial with Natalie so you can experience my new fave masque (and her amazing skills!) for yourself  with our current AZ Spa Girls deal. Call 480. 315.8088 or visit