Eye Do! The Best Eye Creams

Best Eye Creams

From wrinkle fighters to dark circle lighteners, we’ve put together your cheat sheet to all the best eye creams and serums! Stroll through the aisles of any beauty store and you could go googly-eyed by all the choices of lotions and potions for the sensitive eye area. And many come with a hefty price tag […]

Hot Stuff: Eminence Eight Greens Phyto Masque

Oh sure, roll your eyes. I know, I know. I shell out new favorite beauty finds on a daily basis but this one just tickled me pink. Literally. I picked up the Eminence Eight Greens Phyto Masque on the advice of a day spa in Scottsdale. The owner took one look at my telltale mug […]

Take a Holiday Beauty Break

holiday beauty

Give yourself a holiday beauty break with these seasonal gems. Need a time out from the high octane action of the holiday season? Rev up your engine with these three incredibly nourishing and revitalizing winter botanicals. Pomegranate wakes up fatigued skin. Pumpkin perks up your complexion. And peppermint gives your spirits a jingle. Here are six […]

The Fountain of Truth: Sunscreens

Until we unearth the mythical Fountain of Youth, the secret to maintaining a youthful complexion is simply this: Slather on the sunscreen. Shocked? Not likely. You’ve heard this before. Liberal and daily use of a broad spectrum sunscreen is the easiest way to fend off wrinkles, age spots and loss of skin elasticity. Why then […]

Eminence Organic Skin Care: Buy a Product, Plant a Tree

Eminence Organic Skin Care

If you need an excuse to treat yourself to an Eminence Organic Skin Care product or two, we have a good one. A really good one. Among the spa industry’s elite organic skincare brands, Eminence is taking their commitment to the environment to a whole new level by planting one tree for every product sold! […]

ISPA 2011: Our Favorite Beauty and Spa Finds

Favorite finds from the International SPA Association’s 2011 Conference and Expo Your dedicated Spa Girls team was hard at work last week during the ISPA 2011 Conference in Las Vegas! We came prepared with pen and paper in-hand, wearing our most stylish thinking caps, to trek through the tradeshow floor in search of the best […]

Masked Avenger: Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque

Remember when you were 12 and you’d stop into Walgreens to pick up a $2 tub of some funky colored face mask to use at your next slumber party? Those masks rarely did much for us other than provide some great girlie entertainment. That’s pretty much the position I’ve always taken on face masks – […]

Miracle or Coincidence? Eminence Organics Skin Care Zapped the Zit

Eminence Herbal Spot Treatment

About a week ago I got an uninvited visitor. A huge, mongo zit the size of Miami. It was gurgling underneath the skin on my chin like a volcano ready to blow. It’s what they refer to in the aesthetics biz as a cyst (or cystic acne), and I’ve been frequented by the little mother […]