The No-Suds Deeply Gratifying Hair Alternative: Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream

There’s something so satisfying about lathering up your hair into a big soapy coif of bubbles and sweet-smelling suds. Best way to get out of your own head for a few savory minutes if you ask me. But when those soapy suds go swimming down the shower drain, the moment’s over and those very satisfying suds could be leading to dry, frazzled tresses. Enter Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisture-Rich No-Suds Shampoo. This super-quenching, sans-suds shampoo is enriched with honey, awapuhi and hops to coat hair in rich conditioners. Dubbed the hair care line for a “multi-textural world,” Hair Rules was created by celebrity stylist and author Anthony Dickey (you can just call him Dickey) to love and honor your hair – no matter what type of hair you might be sprouting.

Oh, so back to the no-suds thing. It’s a weird experience, that, I will admit. The heavenly scented formula is rich and creamy like a lotion and you work it into your hair like a shampoo from roots to ends. I leave it on like a conditioner. While the shampoo does not suds up like your typical product, the delayed gratification comes from the silky, super soft hair you get when you use it. I let my hair dry naturally on the days I use it because I get nice, soft waves instead of the frizzy fro that I get from my regular shampoo. I use the Hair Rules once a week because I still crave that squeaky clean feeling you get from the soapy stuff. Plus, I like to make shape my shampooed hair into spikes and Dr. Seuss-like curls. I know, TMI.

The entire Hair Rules product line of gentle shampoos, conditioners and styling products are all products free of sulfates and parabens and are available at

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