Plump it up! Get a Pouty Smacker with the Luscious Lips Pump

I’ve always been a bit jealous of those women who have naturally luscious lips, like Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson. Beauty may only be skin deep, but big, beautiful lips are one of those features that I’ve always wanted.

So when a package from Cynthia Rowland Beauty Systems landed on my desk with a new product called Luscious Lips, I was eager to get plumping. I should give you a head’s up, the product looks a bit like a, well … how do I say this delicately? A sex toy of sorts? But don’t let its look fool you! This little pumper takes its job very seriously.

How does it work? Luscious Lips uses a simple (and painless) vacuum process to increase circulation to your lips and around your mouth to naturally enhance lip size. You don’t have to use any messy, sticky creams or gels with Luscious Lips, either.

Ready to add a little lush to your lips? Luscious Lips recommends that you start with a two-week conditioning period in which you use the device sparingly to get your lip tissue used to the process. They recommend five two-second pulls per day for the first two weeks – but if you’re like me, it’s a bit hard to not want to use it full out right away to try and speed up the process! After the conditioning period, you are free to use Luscious Lips as you see fit – typically two to three pulls at 20 seconds each should achieve maximize results and will last for hours.

Negative effects? Nada. Product reps say that bruising should not occur, but if it does, you should stop using the product until the bruise goes away. You can also safely use Luscious Lips if you’d have collegian injections previously.

There is no harm in using the devise multiple times per day, but we’d recommend being a bit discreet (hint: don’t whip out Luscious Lips in your office unless you close the door and shut the blinds!). Before you know it, you’ll be a sultry seductress with a pouty kisser – watch out Brangelina!

You can purchase Luscious Lips plumper for $49.95 or get the Deluxe Kit with a Therapeutic Lip Creme for $59.95 at