Product Review: Rodial Skinny Beach SPF 15 Tinted

Sunscreen has come a long way. With aerosol sprays, powders and even soap, we’ve got no excuse not to wear it all the time. But truth be told, I’ve never been a sunscreen fan. As a kid, I ran from anyone with a pink Coppertone bottle and had to be pinned down just to get a few swipes across my face and shoulders. Even today, any product that smells the slightest bit like sunscreen or makes my outfit stick to me like a spandex bodysuit goes straight to the back of my beauty drawer and won’t reappear unless I’m in dire need of SPF. I recently shed my sunscreen aversion and decided to give Rodial Skinny Beach SPF 15 Tinted a shot. It’s a bronzer-tinted sunscreen that smells so good if the fragrance was bottled, I would wear it as perfume. It comes in a pretty blue bottle with a tiny silver pump that helps immensely with portion control. Its rich, coffee-colored formula gives skin a sun-kissed glow and contains tiny flecks of golden shimmer for a subtle boost of shimmer. And if the instant bronzing and amazing scent weren’t enough, Skinny Beach is also enhanced with SPF 15, slenderizing cellulite fighters and tan-enhancing peptides. I have dry skin so I put my regular moisturizer on first, then apply a thin coat of Skinny Beach and wait about 5 minutes to get dressed so the bronzer doesn’t rub off on my clothes. Skinny Beach was designed for the body but I’ve also been using it on my face before or in place of foundation to even out my skin tone and shield myself from the sun. With a super-concentrated, long-lasting formula that doubles as a nourishing moisturizer, it’s a steal at $49 per bottle. Plus, how cute is the name, right?

Get Rodial Skinny Beach SPF 15 Tinted or Skinny Beach regular at (P.S., this burst of sensible thinking came out of the vacation-refreshed mind of spa girl Carolyn. We’re happy to report that her noggin is healing nicely after her run-in with a surfboard.)

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