The Perfect Winter Foil: Ciate Very Colorfoil Manicure

Ciate Foil Manicure

Just when you thought nail art had hit the creativity ceiling, Ciaté does it again! This time, the creators of the Caviar Manicure and Velvet Manicure, Ciaté has outdone themselves with Very Colorfoil Manicure Kits that create a raw foil finish with a mirror-like shine. Each of the three Colorfoil mani kits were designed by Ciaté creative director Charlotte Knight to go beyond a regular metallic polish for an edgy runway look.

Each kit is complete with a Ciaté pro formula paint pot, glue and metallic Colourfoil sheets in three brilliant foiled shades: Carnival Couture, Wonderland and Kaleidoscope Klash.

Here’s how you create the look:

  1. Apply two coats of a Paint Pot base shade to clean nails and allow to dry.
  2. Dot a light coat of Foil Fix Glue onto the nail, placing it only where you want the foil to show, and allow a minute for the white adhesive to become clear.
  3. Pick your Colourfoil shade from  the pack enclosed and firmly  place foil shiny side up over the Foil  Fix glue whilst it is tacky, firmly  pressing onto the nail.
  4. Remove the foil in one quick motion to reveal a colour splash or  raw metallic foil.
  5. Want more? Repeat the same steps over again with  clashing foil shades for a multi tone look.
  6. Once you’ve perfected your shade blend, seal in the Colourfoil manicure with a clear top coat.

Get creative with these variations:

  • Apply the Foil Fix to just the nail tips to create an alternative metallic French manicure look.
  • Coat the entire nail with a Colourfoil layer to create a block metallic finish, your nails will be wrapped in metal.
  • Match your Colourfoil to the base shade for a more subtle flash of foil.

Ciaté Very Colorfoil Manicure kits are available exclusively at Sephora stores and for $19 each.

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