Bliss for Your Kiss: 10 Reasons to Love Epic Blend Lip Balms

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Epic Blend Premium Lip Balms glide smoothly on lips to naturally moisturize and hydrate using top ingredients. See what Epic Blend’s Vegan, Hemp and More Moisture lip balms are all about. Your lips deserve it.

In elementary school, I was obsessed with lip balm. As a sports-phobic kid of more unique interests and hobbies, I was a lip gloss-phile with an addiction to my colorful Lip Smackers collection. Every time a new flavor appeared on the cosmetics shelf in Wal-Mart, my eyes would grow big as my lips craved the sweetness of orange sherbet or fruity flavors of strawberry kiwi. I’d stash my Lip Smackers in my desk at school and trade flavors with friends at recess. Totally healthy. Totally not cool.

Fast forward to two decades later, and I still can’t be without lip balm. Moisturizing my lips from the moment I wake up to right before bed has become as essential as guzzling dark coffee in the morning and drinking white wine at night. Nearly 30, my love for lip balm hasn’t changed. Except I don’t keep a collection, nor do I make trades.

Indicative of my minimalist beauty regimen and lost adolescence, I apply non-flavored lip balm out of necessity, rather than passion. But, then there’s Epic Blend. The name, for one, says it all. And you don’t find it at Wal-Mart.

Epic Blend lip balms re-introduced me to my adolescent adoration for lip balm’s delicious flavors and introduced me to premium natural ingredients. Here are 10 reasons (and a bonus!) for why every gal needs to replace her go-to lip balms with Epic Blend rejuvenation.

1. Natural Nourishment: Epic Blend organically revitalizes lips and is 100 percent natural with long-lasting moisture and staying power for day and nighttime endurance. Drench your lips with the More Moisture Epic Blend formula, including organic shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, beeswax and vitamin E.

2. Silky Soft: Applying Epic Blend’s More Moisture Cherry or Green Apple makes lips creamy and dreamy, especially for puckering up and smooching (without any greasies).

3. Hydration: Living in Phoenix, Arizona, the temperature is hot and hotter. It’s dry desert life here, and a gal learns to replace Diet Coke with H20, never cut bangs in the summer and always quench her lips with an (epic) moisturizer.

4. Organic Hemp: Organic junkies, this is for you. The Epic Blend formula is made with quick-absorbing, super-nourishing and anti-oxidizing Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp lip balms come in vanilla, mint, coconut and citrus kick. Yum.

5. Non-GMO: Epic Blend lip balm contains non-GMO ingredients. In other words, the lip balm contains zero genetically modified organisms, which is a very, very good thing.

6. Gluten-Free: Beauties who live the gluten-free or gluten-conscious lifestyle rejoice, Epic Blend is free of gluten. No gluten!

7. Petroleum-free: Speaking of free, Epic Blend lip balm is also petroleum-free, which promotes eco-friendliness and green glamour. Applying a gasoline byproduct to your lips? Not exactly haute or healthy.

8. Vegan: Epic Blend’s Vegan Wild Berry and Pineapple Mint lip balms are 100 percent plant-based and beeswax-free. The all-natural, food-grade candelilla wax gives the balmy moisturizer its lusciously smooth texture. #cruetlyfree #savetheanimals #happyvegan

9. Lip Protection: You’ve got to respect the lips and treat ‘em well. That’s why Epic Blend provides smooth (and tasty!) protection with top-of-the-line nourishing ingredients. Epic Blend balms rescue chapped lips from dryness and dehydration to keep them healthily plump and sensual.

10. Rouge: The Epic Blend collection includes Garnet Star tinted lip balm to accent lips with a subtle sheer tint and delicate shimmer. Garnet Star gives lips a colorful allure while still doing its full-time job — hydrating and moisturizing.

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Naturally au courant, Epic Blend is for the fashionable yogi girl who uses organic fruit to juice after her early morning practice. The socially aware farmers market regular sips her fair trade cup of joe, shops for fresh veggies and applies Epic Blend to moisturize lips every Saturday morning. Epic Blend is responsibly fashionable, and lip protection never goes out of style.

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