Hurts So Good: Vila Acupressure Mat

Crazy as it may seem, the newest trend in curing aches and pains is spikes. Yes, tiny white plastic spikes attached to a mat. Ouch?! You would think so but the Vila Acupressure Mat is designed to create short-term discomfort for long-term benefits. Vila, named after the Swedish word for rest and relaxation, puts a […]

Book Your Way to Healthy Weight Loss: New Diet Cookbooks

By now you’ve likely encountered the super-sized portion of diet cookbooks to grace the shelves at your local bookstore. And if you’re like us, in the midst of carousing the new releases, thoughts of Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha with extra whip are beckoning from the cafe. America is hungry for healthy weight loss tips. But […]

Singled Out: Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Single Gals Home Spa Shindig

Single and dreading the year’s gushiest holiday? Why not spaaah the singled-out holiday away with a relaxing, girls-only spa party at home? Instead of spending time and moola getting all dolled up for a date, get the gals together for a rejuvenating date at home. Soothing spa treatments + a chick flick + a cocktail […]

Wildlife Works for Gifts on a Serious Mission

So maybe you’re not a fan of wearing your beliefs on your sleeve … or endangered animals on your chest. Not a problem for the folks at Wildlife Works. Known for their activist print tees, the mission-driven company has also added eco-friendly products for body and home. You’ll find African-made Lululife Bar Soap ($4.50), the […]

Bag Lady: Reusable Grocery Bags Make a Pretty Statement

I’m obsessed with bags lately. Not the chi-chi designer totes peddled at the department stores. Nope, I’m on the hunt for something cheap, chic and reusable that I can cram with milk, eggs and chardonnay on my grocery store excursions. I won’t preach. You can find the stats. The bottom line is that plastic and […]

Girls Night Must-Have: Spa Conversation Tins

A girls’ night without diversion is oftentimes a disaster in the making. Case in point, a few months back, a new friend invited me and a few other new friends to her home for what was billed as a girls-night-in. The plan was for all of us to get acquainted in a casual setting sprinkled […]

Stop and Smell the Soy: Illume Candle Contest

I can sniff out a sweet deal from a mile away and this one is laced with hints of lemongrass, rose and freshly sliced cucumber. In celebration of their new online boutique, Illume candles is kicking off the launch with a chance to win a $350 gift basket spilling with their bestselling candles. features […]

Toxic Spaces: Adventures in office organization

To my two loyal readers, my sincere apologies for the brief hiatus. See, I’ve been detoxing — my office, that is. A rash of professional demands and holiday commitments had rendered my work space hazardous to my mental and physical health. The final straw was tripping over a pile of magazines and chipping the shiny […]

Om on the Download: Yoga for your iPod

Today’s word of the day: Breathe. Your to-do list is a mile long. Your cell phone is wassailing (or is that my phone?). And the holiday madness is well underway. Steal a few minutes away from the chaos of Life to breathe along with an audio class from Yoga Download. Each mp3 class is led […]

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This weekend I dusted off my running shoes, strapped on my pink ribbon and joined thousands of walkers and runners in our local leg of the Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer. The trek is one of many across the country this month that encourage you to do something good for yourself while helping […]