Calm Balms: 6 Stress Busters

calm balms beat stress

Keep calm with these soothing mind-body balms. Stress happens. In my world, it happens—a lot. I figure stress and its cranky cousins—anxiety, sleeplessness and moodiness —are there to remind us to pipe the heck down and remember that even the big, hairy, scary moments in our life are a gift. Because when you’ve managed to survive […]

Spa in a Box: The Remedy Rush

remedy rush

The Remedy Rush is a quarterly subscription beauty box service that provides full-size samples of spa-quality products. Here’s our review! It was a warm (okay, HOT) sunny afternoon and, as I walked up to my mailbox, I was swept away by thoughts of a relaxing spa treatment. It was in that moment that I realized, my […]

Yuzen Box: Inspiring Moments of Zen

Yuzen Boxes filled with luxurious items cultivate serene and euphoric experiences inspiring zenful and beautiful living. Everyone needs their happy place — that dreamy destination insulated from cubicles, screaming toddlers or bank statements. It’s a faraway tranquil sanctuary thousands of miles away from life’s everyday monotony and hardships. I find repose in Maui’s breathtaking beaches […]

LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm: Headaches Be Gone!

Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm

Work deadlines, long commutes, tighter budgets…these are all factors that can contribute to headaches and strain. But how to get rid of the mind-numbing pain? We love the new LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm. It’s an all-natural salve that helps ease tension and pressure while promoting balance and well-being. A mini-spa for the mind, LATHER […]

Sleeping Beauty: Your Bedtime Routine to Better Skin

All the brightening eye creams and illuminating foundations in the world can’t help a complexion tormented by lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation not only saps your energy levels but leaves you with dark circles under your eyes, heavy eyelids and lackluster skin. Oh, and did we mention it makes you sluggish, slow and slightly grumpy? […]

Dream Water: Beauty Sleep in a Bottle


I spend quite a few restless nights tossing, turning and staring at the clock wishing for some much needed Zs. But, Dream Water promises to deliver a good night’s sleep in a tiny little bottle. The best part? It’ as easy as sipping on fruity flavored water. I was a little skeptical that a natural, […]

Kaeng Raeng: Detox in a Box + Discount

Kaeng Raeng

Yesterday morning I had a full-fledged dizzy spell. A major one. My fingers were flying across the keyboard as usual and out of nowhere, my eyes and brain lost connection, my vision went fuzzy and I felt on the cusp of losing consciousness. I panicked and willed myself up out of my chair, pacing back […]

Yuzen: Your Monthly Box of Zen

Yuzen Box

Let the battle of the beauty boxes begin! Nothing like a little friendly competition to bring out the best in the growing world of product sampling programs. We are already suckers for the NewBeauty TestTube but have been on the prowl for a beauty box subscription service that captures a little more spa. We’ve found it in […]

Beauty Foods: Good for Your Soul and Your Skin

Beauty Foods

A girl’s nightly beauty ritual is about as important as breathing is to the human race. (Okay, I’m being dramatic, but seriously … it is.) The world is a very dirty place, so washing off the stress at the end of the day is vital. Beauty Foods is the new way to pump up your […]

Message in a Bottle: Body Bliss I ♥ Japan Aromatherapy Oil

A leading formulator of all-natural personal care products based in Sedona, Arizona, Body Bliss has created a healing aromatherapy oil called ‘I ♥ Japan’ to provide financial support to the people of Japan in the wake of the recent catastrophic disaster. The aromatic essential oil blend not only aids in the recovery of Japan but […]