Calm Balms: 6 Stress Busters

calm balms beat stress

Keep calm with these soothing mind-body balms. Stress happens. In my world, it happens—a lot. I figure stress and its cranky cousins—anxiety, sleeplessness and moodiness —are there to remind us to pipe the heck down and remember that even the big, hairy, scary moments in our life are a gift. Because when you’ve managed to survive […]

Sole Savers: Help for Dry, Cracked Heels

cracked heels

Nothing spoils a pretty pedicure more than embarrassingly dry or cracked heels (ewww). Soothe and repair heels with these products, specifically formulated for feet with attitude. Here are a few tried-and-true sole savers to get you back on your feet! Get Fresh Poor Soles Foot Moisture Stick, $15.50 at – A portable moisturizing stick […]

Mother’s Day Gifts with a Side of Spa

mothers day gift guide

Mother’s Day gifts for the spa at heart. Scratchin’ your noggin again on what to give on that one day a year we celebrate moms? We’re here to help! Mother’s Day is a day to remember those soulful people in your life who drop everything to make sure you have gossip mags and chicken soup […]

Cool it Down: The 10 Best Facial Mists

Facial Mists

Our pick of the cooling mist crop: Top 10 best facial mists. Cue the cooling summertime facial mists! With summer temps on the rise, keep your cool with a refreshing spritz. Tuck one in your purse, keep one at your desk and stash one by your bedside. Use a facial mist to tone skin, set […]

LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm: Headaches Be Gone!

Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm

Work deadlines, long commutes, tighter budgets…these are all factors that can contribute to headaches and strain. But how to get rid of the mind-numbing pain? We love the new LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm. It’s an all-natural salve that helps ease tension and pressure while promoting balance and well-being. A mini-spa for the mind, LATHER […]

Spa Girls Top 10 Gifts of Bliss and Beauty

We’re down to the wire ladies, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve got last-minute shopping to do! This year, the entire Spa Girls team put our heads together for 10 must-have gifts for every gal on your list. With sparkling values, the hottest hues and everything in between, here are the products we’re coveting […]

New! LATHER Summer Body Oils

Lather Body Oil

When you can’t beat the heat, join it. Embrace the best of summer’s temperatures and temperaments with the new LATHER Summer Body Oils. They nourish skin with essential oils that glisten in the sun and scents that linger in the summer breeze. Inspired by LATHER’s in-store Blending Bars, these handcrafted oils are a blend of […]

New Summer Lovin’ Beauty from LATHER

Lather Bamboo Leave in Conditioner and soap

Oh, it’s coming. The ice may still be melting in most parts of the country, but girlfriends, the heat is almost on. With the three-digit temps just a blink away, we’ve been on the prowl for new beauty products to help hair and skin survive the summer of 2013. Our hats off to the forward-thinking […]

Party Perfect: A 5-Day Beauty Countdown

Holiday Party Prep Guide

Spa Girls’ five-day guide to glowing inside and out. Got a holiday shindig in your near future? Before you go rockin’ around the Christmas tree, make sure you’re prepped and ready so you can arrive with confidence. Here’s our five-day beauty countdown to party perfect! Day 1 Your mother was right. It’s what’s on the […]

LATHER’s Greatest Summer Hits: 5 Must-Haves

LATHER Pre-Shave Oil

LATHER knows the way to a Spa Girl’s heart. We’re keeping our summer beauty routine so fresh and so clean with these fantastic products from the natural-thinking, holistically charged beauty innovator. Citrus Soothing Pre-Shave Oil, $18 Short-shorts, bathing suit bottoms and billowy dresses – what do they mean for Spa Girls? Yup. Double the shaving […]