Cool it Down: The 10 Best Facial Mists

Facial Mists

Our pick of the cooling mist crop: Top 10 best facial mists. Cue the cooling summertime facial mists! With summer temps on the rise, keep your cool with a refreshing spritz. Tuck one in your purse, keep one at your desk and stash one by your bedside. Use a facial mist to tone skin, set […]

All I Want for Valentine’s Day

5 Valentine's Day gifts of beauty. I want chocolate. I was roses. I want a lavish bubble bath with way too many bubbles. Oooh I know, I want to eat chocolate while soaking in a giant sea of bubbles sprinkled with red rose petals. Yeaaaah. But truly, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I love […]

Party Perfect: A 5-Day Beauty Countdown

Holiday Party Prep Guide

Spa Girls’ five-day guide to glowing inside and out. Got a holiday shindig in your near future? Before you go rockin’ around the Christmas tree, make sure you’re prepped and ready so you can arrive with confidence. Here’s our five-day beauty countdown to party perfect! Day 1 Your mother was right. It’s what’s on the […]

Glow Pro: Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan

Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan

I am no stranger to self-tanners. I literally get cranky if I don’t have a little faux glow going on. It’s possible I’m addicted. Be that as it may, when a new self-tanning product walks into my life, I embrace it with open (pale) arms. Enter the new self-tanner from the venerable spa line, Kerstin […]