Glow Pro: Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan

Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan

I am no stranger to self-tanners. I literally get cranky if I don’t have a little faux glow going on. It’s possible I’m addicted. Be that as it may, when a new self-tanning product walks into my life, I embrace it with open (pale) arms.

Enter the new self-tanner from the venerable spa line, Kerstin Florian Skincare. Now here’s a sunless product that I can get behind (yeah, there’s a pun there somewhere, huh?).

Selected by SELF Magazine as the “Best New Self-Tanning Product of the Year” in the 2012 Healthy Beauty Awards, Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan ($50) is not just another blah bronzer. And that has a lot to do with the care and high-end ingredients that went into the formulation of this superb self-tanner.

Here’s why I like it: Kerstin Florian Sunless Tan has got to be the most moisturizing tan in a bottle that I’ve ever tried. The formula is so rich and luxurious, you almost forget that you’re applying a self-tanner. Thick and creamy, the lotion contains sweet almond oil, shea butter and a delicious blend of flower essences that give skin a big drink of nutrients. The ever-so slight self-tanning scent quickly dissipates into a subtle floral aroma that dances lightly on your skin as it dries.

This is the kind of self-tanner you want to savor. It’s perfect after a shower on a Sunday evening. Make a little spa treatment out of it. Exfoliate skin first and then once you’re dry, squeeze out a generous dollop of the rich lotion into your hand and massage it onto your skin one lovely limb at a time. Enjoy the process and don’t skimp on product. This is a spa treatment, after all. And don’t forget – although it’s easy to do – wash your palms thoroughly after application. I like to take an old wash cloth and gently brush it around my feet, ankles and wrists. Put on a cute breezy nightie and on Monday morning, wash it off and tell me your skin isn’t just pretty?

And now, for the even better news.

We just got wind of a private sale! Through Saturday, June 30, get 20% OFF the entire Kerstin Florian collection! For your 20% off discount, simply enter Discount Code JUN12 at checkout. Also enjoy Free Shipping on all orders totaling $100 or more. That means splurge a little! We recommend treating yourself to the Kerstin Floria Kräuter Chamomile Body Scrub ($25) so your self-tanner goes on flawlessly and a bottle of Rehydrating Neroli Water ($35) because it’s just seriously awesome.

Kerstin Florian Sunless Tanner is available at select spas and online at

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