LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm: Headaches Be Gone!

Lather Clear Head Balancing Balm

Work deadlines, long commutes, tighter budgets…these are all factors that can contribute to headaches and strain. But how to get rid of the mind-numbing pain? We love the new LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm.

It’s an all-natural salve that helps ease tension and pressure while promoting balance and well-being. A mini-spa for the mind, LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm draws on a number of essential oils that calm and uplift, plus other soothers for stressed-out skin.

Ingredients include olive and sunflower oil to strengthen skin’s moisture barrier, and menthol for desensitizing nerves that pick up pain messages. Lavender provides a calming effect while mandarin oil boosts immunity.

The soothing balm can be applied to temples, forehead, back of neck, or anywhere there’s tension. Breathing in deeply enhances the aromatherapy effects and promotes a sense of well-being.

Here are just some ways you can incorporate LATHER Clear Head into everyday life for quick headache relief:

  • Simple stress reliever: A recent study found that 39 percent of Americans reported increased stress levels in the past year, and 44 percent said they were more stressed now that five years ago. The balm is an easy at-home or on-the-go spa treatment!
  • Work week survival: The tiny tin fits in your clutch, can help overcome the manic madness of the workplace, and even stimulate your brain to write reports against pressing deadlines. Oh, and it works as a last-minute cuticle crème or muscle soother.
  • Manage travel headaches: Travel stress such as flight delays, luggage on the lam, or last-minute mishaps? This tiny tin travels anywhere, is cheaper than the airport bar, and is much less awkward than “Omm-ing” in public.
  • Hangover headaches: Overindulge on the weekend? The combination of lavender, menthol, and peppermint oils can help calm the mind, boost circulation, and clear the head.

You can  purchase the new LATHER Clear Head Balancing Balm at Lather stores and for $9.


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