Power Powders: 6 Facial Cleansing Powders

facial cleansing powders

Put a little muscle behind your complexion cleansing routine. Stopping dulling cellular build-up in its tracks, facial cleansing powders are the newest superheroes of radiant skin. Part topical exfoliator, part cleanser and part fairy dusty, the latest formulations are packed with innovative and highly effective ingredients. Plus, you can easily integrate one into your daily […]

Spa Girls Top 10 Gifts of Bliss and Beauty

We’re down to the wire ladies, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve got last-minute shopping to do! This year, the entire Spa Girls team put our heads together for 10 must-have gifts for every gal on your list. With sparkling values, the hottest hues and everything in between, here are the products we’re coveting […]

Glowing Beauty Finds for Fall

Just can’t let go of that summer glow? Extend your glow with these tips and product picks to keep you hydrated and luminous throughout the cooler, drier fall weather season. The more radiant you look, the better you feel, right? Keep on glowing, Spa Girls! Body Summer sun can leave skin dull, freckled, and with […]

Drink Your Beauty

Stay hydrated while revving up your energy with these nourishing shakes and beauty drinks. Glowing Skin: BlissLabs Nutricosmetics Triple Oxygen Glow Sticks. Mix these radiance-revving beauty supplements with water for the most beneficial “bubbly” you’ll enjoy all year. A brightness-boosting complex gives skin a luminous glow while vitamin C and a superfruit blend deliver much-needed […]

Bliss FatGirlSixPack Tummy Toning

Like most girls, achieving six pack abs is on my list of long-term goals, along with winning the lottery and owning Kate Middleton’s wardrobe. To help make at least one of these dreams a reality, Bliss FatGirlSixPack tummy-toning gel is offering a hand. The toning gel contains six ingredients aimed at firming up your belly: caffeine, […]

7 Quick Beauty Fixes that Beat Holiday Stress

Bliss Glamour Gloves

Multitask and RELAX with these fast beauty fixes! Busy malls. Family brawls. Parties-a-plenty. The holidays can send the stress-o-meter of any spa girl or boy skyrocketing. If looming holiday lists are making you cranky, the chilly dry air s pruning up your skin or visions of showing up at the annual Christmas party frumpy and […]

The Youth As We Know It: Pure Bliss

Bliss Youth As We Know It Night Cream

For an anti-aging treatment that delivers spa-worthy results, check out Bliss The Youth As We Know It Anti-Aging Night Cream. The night cream promises to deliver age-battling benefits such as plumping, brightening and fine line reduction. After using this product for the past two months, I can definitely say that I am a fan. In […]

Behind the Mask: Home Facial Masks that Work

Nothing like covering your face in a thick layer of green goo to make you feel like you’ve drifted away to spa. But what is that green gunk anyway? And is it the best choice for your skin and your schedule? Here are our picks for facial masks that target various skin issues and some […]

Sleeping Beauty: Beauty balms that work while you don't

Okay, we got the message. Sleep is essential to your overall health and beauty. But why waste six to eight perfectly good hours on sweet dreams and jumping sheep when you can plump, repair and condition overnight? Beauty sleep takes on new meaning with these sleepy time skin soothers. COMPLEXION Biore Hard Day’s Night Overnight […]