Hangover Helpers: 4 Steps to a Pretty Morning After

Kneipp Mineral Soak

Painted the town a little too red on New Year’s Eve? Ah heck, it only comes once a year – might as well live it up! But once New Year’s day rolls around, you don’t want spend the day hiding under the covers. Rise and shine sleepyhead … We’ve got you covered! Read on for […]

Primping on the Cheap

Amazing Grace Body Spritz

Five things a Spa Girl’s gotta have … on the cheap! Between holiday parties and gift shopping, I’m feeling a bit broke. If you’re in the same boat and don’t want to max out your credit card on your must-have beauty splurges, here are a few products that will get you by (or even hooked) […]

NewBeauty TestTube: Beauty’s Most Wanted!

NewBeauty TestTube

If you love trying new beauty products (who doesn’t?!) but hate the risk you take by purchasing full-sized products without sampling them first, then have I got news for you! Meet the NewBeauty TestTube. This coveted pink tube is jam-packed with deluxe samples, full-sized products, the latest issue of NewBeauty Magazine, special offers and a […]

Olay Pro-X Cleansing System: Say Hello to My New Best Friend

When I first saw commercials for the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, I thought to myself, “Who would pay extra money for a cleansing brush when you have hands that can scrub dirt and oil off your face just as well?” That was before I used the thing. To be concise, I’m glad I finally […]

Sleeping Beauty: Beauty balms that work while you don't

Okay, we got the message. Sleep is essential to your overall health and beauty. But why waste six to eight perfectly good hours on sweet dreams and jumping sheep when you can plump, repair and condition overnight? Beauty sleep takes on new meaning with these sleepy time skin soothers. COMPLEXION Biore Hard Day’s Night Overnight […]

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