Hangover Helpers: 4 Steps to a Pretty Morning After

Kneipp Mineral Soak

Painted the town a little too red on New Year’s Eve? Ah heck, it only comes once a year – might as well live it up! But once New Year’s day rolls around, you don’t want spend the day hiding under the covers. Rise and shine sleepyhead … We’ve got you covered!

Read on for our four-step plan to get you up and moving and help hide the signs of an up-all-night throw-down.

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1. Body: Sweat it Out

Drag yourself out of bed, grab a tall glass of water and sink back into a mineral bath. A warm soak with mineral salts will help sweat out toxins and wake up tired muscles.


2. Face: Buff and De-Puff

Cleanse your skin with a gentle purifying cleanser and follow with a balancing toner. Dab a cooling eye gel around your sleepy peepers starting at the inner corner below the brow line and working your way around under the eye. Gently massage the eye area as you tab.


3. Makeup: Keep it Clean

Skip the heavy foundation and go with an all-in-one tinted beauty balm to keep your skin dewy, hydrated and protected. Dab on a concealer to hide any under-eye shadows or redness and apply a hint of light-reflecting color to cheeks with a cream blush. Opt for a moisturizing lip balm with a hint of color rather a lipstick or heavy gloss.


4. Hair: Fight the Fuzz

If your New Year’s Eve do is still doable, freshen up your coif with a dry shampoo. If your hair is frazzled beyond repair, shampoo and dose your head in a revitalizing hair mask.


Have a few of your own hangover helpers up your sleeve? Do tell by commenting below!