Yuzen Box: Inspiring Moments of Zen

Yuzen Boxes filled with luxurious items cultivate serene and euphoric experiences inspiring zenful and beautiful living.

Everyone needs their happy place — that dreamy destination insulated from cubicles, screaming toddlers or bank statements. It’s a faraway tranquil sanctuary thousands of miles away from life’s everyday monotony and hardships.

I find repose in Maui’s breathtaking beaches and natural lush landscapes. It’s my Hawaiian happy place where time is non-existent, and the blissful energy embraces my entire essence. During a Maui mental escape, the island sea breeze calms my mind, and the sunshine warms my soul.

Yuzen takes you to your personal paradise, whether it’s lounging beachside in Maui with a cocktail or backpacking through Switzerland. Each piece of the Yuzen Box is a unique indulgence that sweetens the soul, relaxes the body and awakens the senses.

Relieve stress by rolling on TARA Spa Therapy’s aromatherapy treatment during a long workday. Moisturize hands with Sranrom’s Urban Wellness Calm Down Hand Cream to find serenity after a long night with a newborn. Treat your tastebuds to Sun Cups Dark Chocolate Mint Cups as a naturally organic dessert after a savory dinner.

Not only does every Yuzen treasure help take you to your happy place, each item creates a zen experience, provides relaxing indulgence and promotes the beauty of gift giving.

Experience opening a Yuzen box:

Anywhere Zen

“People crave a quiet moment to pause,” says Yuzen creators Jen and Ted. Yuzen encourages people to break from their hectic lives to reconnect with and nourish that inner quiet space. Every three months, Yuzen subscribers receive a beautifully wrapped box full of natural, organic and eco-friendly products that embody a zen experience of relaxation, self-contemplation and intuition.

My Yuzen Box is like a self-care kit for impulsive meditation, whether I’m struggling with a project at work or feeling overwhelmed with a list of things to do. To re-energize, I moisturize with the Balanced Guru Balm Me Up and its invigorating scented mandarin, lime and orange essential oils. To relax, I apply the Jurlique Rose Hand Cream and inhale its rich rose fragrance.

Homebody’s Spa

A Yuzen Box also contains spa essentials for an at-home retreat. Its indulgent remedies can help you blissfully recover from your day and enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. Inside the Yuzen Single Box Offering you can find and apply the PINO Facial Mask to refresh and nourish skin. While basking in the mask’s avocado and jojoba oil and soaking in its natural vitamins, give yourself a mani and pedi with SpaRitual’s Golden Rule Lacquer. A lit vegan and soy lavender chamomile Level Naturals Travel Candle will also refresh your space to help you repair from the day mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Gift of Discovery & Joy

Yuzen embraces the beauty of gift giving. Subscribe to a Yuzen Box because you deserve it, and healthily reconnect using the Acure Organics Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment and homemade aromatherapeutic Sumbody Bath Fizzer. Every few months, the Yuzen Box will arrive as a special gift and reminder for you to take time out for yourself.

Expressing love and gratitude are also part of a joyous zen experience. Send a Yuzen Box as a birthday present, Mother’s Day gift or gracious thank you. Just receiving the thoughtful gesture wrapped in exquisite Japanese paper will warm the heart and nourish the soul of your friend or loved one.

As a gift to me, Yuzen gives me good vibes. No matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, I can spritz, moisturize or apply and feel like I’m lying underneath a Maui palm tree, if only for a fleeting moment.

Visit yuzenbox.com for pricing and info.

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