Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder: Go Big or Go Home!

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder

As you will soon come to learn through my various blog posts, there are a few things that I am rather known for in my circle of friends … great shoes, my love for the color pink and BIG hair. Everything in my life has always been “go big or go home.” My slight interest in shoes when I was in my late teens quickly developed into a full blown obsession having me boasting a collection of more than 100 pairs in 5 years and it has only grown since. So I don’t think it shocked anyone when I went from having flat hair that I did nothing with, to hair that would gladly compete with even the most Southern of Belles. And I credit a product I can no longer live without: Bumble and bumble Hair Powder.

It started after I graduated from college and moved back to Phoenix (from Flagstaff, AZ). I started going to a salon downtown and after briefly explaining to the stylist that I wanted volume but could never achieve it, she pulled out a small aerosol can, sprayed it at my roots, back-combed and voila, I had volume! I can’t tell you how many times I had back-combed my hair just to have tangled knots and no volume. I bought a bottle of the hair powder, still unsure if I could achieve the same results at home, and went on my way.

The next morning I was excited to try the hair powder out on my own. I started just above the crown of my head, sectioning off a fairly large chunk of hair. As directed by my stylist, I held the spray 3 inches from my scalp, used a comb to back-comb the hair and let it fall back in place with the rest of my hair. It seemed to work, but I wanted more volume. I continued the same steps on 3 or 4 more section of my head until I was midway to the base of my neck. I did one more section on each side of my head, following the same simple steps. I was shocked! My hair was beyond huge, we are talking lion’s mane, Snooki wanna-be, hair teasing at its best. To finish the look, and calm it down just a bit, I brushed over the top layer of hair with my bristled round brush, to avoid brushing out much of the back-combing, and used a bit of hair spray to hold it in place. That moment began my love affair with big hair and Bumble and bumble.

According to the Bumble and bumble website, the hair powder was designed as a dry wash product to absorb grease and hide roots, so the spray itself has coloring in it to match common hair colors. This is where the only downfall to the hair powder comes in. With my hair color, I use the Blondish colored powder, which is really much more brown than blonde. After styling my hair each morning, my fingers are COVERED in brown powder. Aside from that, I am this product’s number one fan and even bought each of my 10 bridesmaids their very own bottle as part of their gift because I have gotten them all hooked as well.

Bumble and bumble Hair Powder comes in white (for light blondes and silver), dark blonde, brown and black. Get it at most authorized Bumble and bumble salon retailers or at amazon.com. Check out the application video clips on the website and let me know if you’re not hooked after trying it!

Editor’s Note: Yes, she does have big (okay, huge) hair and she talks a mile a minute. Welcome to our newest Spa Girl member, Samantha. We’re looking forward to sharing your love for all things pink and pretty!

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