All Hands on Deck: My At-Home Gel Mani with Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit

Couture Gel Nail Kit

Not all at-home gel manicure kits are created equal. I know, I’ve tested them. But the Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit is one of the best I’ve tried! Why? Let me tell you.

For starters, I love that their website shows you how the shades will look on different skin complexions. When you’re shopping online, and spending about $15 per bottle, that’s a major bonus! Another great thing about the Couture Gel Nail Polish is that the kit allows you to choose three colors off the bat. So when you purchase the kit, you’re getting:

  • 3 gel colors of your choice (with more than 100 options from sparkly to subtle!)
  • Base and top coats
  • A professional, salon-grade 36-watt curing lamp
  • Instructional DVD and brochure
  • Zippered (super cute) carrying case
  • Salon nail care kit with nail file, cuticle shaper, etc.

Now, let me tell you this: the curing lamp is definitely salon-grade, which is great because of the quality but it’s not as light and compact as some of the other options I’ve seen. And it does require some assembly at the beginning. It’s nothing major, just inserting a few bulbs, but a good thing to note if you’re looking for something that’s highly portable.

The colors I chose are Uptown Girl (a sweet and shimmery pink), Silk in the City (also from the shimmer collection, a pretty nude-ish hue with some gold specks) and Persian Blue (deep teal).

The Couture Gel Nail Polish instructions will tell you that one coat of the color will do, but I definitely had to double up. But that could be because I erred on the side of really thin coats, to help with curing and ensure a longer-lasting manicure. (Sometimes if a gel manicure is too thick, it will dry onto the skin surrounding your nail and peel when it’s dried.)

The steps here are much the same as any other gel manicure:

  • Clean, trim and prep the nail for manicure
  • Apply base coat and cure
  • Apply color coat and cure
  • Apply second color coat (if needed) and cure
  • Apply top coat and cure

What the kit doesn’t come with is a remover, but you can purchase Couture Gel Nail Polish’s Cleanse and Remove Kit separately if you’d like. (Or, just go about it the old-fashioned way.)

And here’s a big selling point for your green beauties: Couture Gel Nail Polish is free of harmful chemicals like Toulene, DBP and Formaldehyde!

Over all, I loved the results of my gel manicure with Couture Gel Nail Polish. Looked really great and lasted a little over a week. What more could a girl ask for?

For a limited time only, purchase your own Couture Gel Nail Polish kit for $129 (normally $179) at

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