Attitude Adjustment: Choose Your Mood with Lifetherapy

I have not a single scientific bone in my body but here’s one thing I know for sure: The earth’s axis may have re-aligned and the zodiac signs may have shifted but I will always be a moody Cancer. Always. Just ask the Spa Boy, who unfortunately for him, lives and breaths my daily mood barometer. But hey, even Leos have been known to bust out a moody day or two (which was Spa Boy’s astrological designation until he got demoted to a Cancer – allegedly).

So whether you read your daily horoscope or not (or read your “new” horoscope, compare the two and go with the better one on any give day), mood swings happen. That I think we can all agree on.

The folks at lifetherapy get that.

Created by product visionary Lynette Lovelace, who owned a boutique and wine bistro just outside Chicago for 20 years, this super luxurious body line readjusts your attitude with five mood-enhancing scents. The uplifting fragrances are formulated in the spirit of encouraging you to choose your mood. According to Lovelace, “When we surround ourselves with things that make us feel good, it’s amazing the power it has on our mood.”


Each of the five scents – Play, Vacation, Flirt, Escape and Chill – evokes a feeling through a blend of alluring aromas. Play says feminine and youthful with notes of magnolia and jasmine. Vacation conjures up an a air of sexy warmth from hints of coconut, white orchid and sandlewood. Flirt calls on bergamot and musk to bring about an innocent, playful mood. Escape says clean and crisp with whiffs of pineapple and gardenia. Chill whispers subtle and peaceful with calming amber and vanilla.

The five scents come in the form of an Ultra Rich Body Crème ($48), Everyday Handcreme ($22), Hydrating Body Lotion ($25) and Pulse Point Oil Perfume ($48). Or if the mood strikes, you can sweep up an entire scent collection for $143.

To read your horoscope or not? That’s not really the question. The question is, which mood do you choose today? Sniff lifetherapy body products to your heart’s content at the Joya Spa boutique at InterContinental Montelucia Resort in Paradise Valley or buy it online at

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