Bad Hair Day Cure: Dry Dirt Texture Spray

Volumizing spray Dry Dirt from Jonathan Product texturizes tousled tresses and creates sexy slept-in hair with just a few sprays.

Jessica Alba was my hair idol. In the days of Express going-out tops and the overkill smokey eye, I wanted her straight honey-colored locks with shadowy roots that amorously swept across her face. I hampered my natural waves with a scalding hot flat iron and spent nearly $200 every so often to lighten my ethnic dark hair, all in the name of Jessica Alba and her hotness.

These days, as I’m older and wiser of course, my hair is less Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner” and more Asian Mary Kate Olsen with Lena Dunham effort. It’s now naturally dark brown tinted with red in the sunshine and layered long with air-dried hippy waves. I embrace its low maintenance look and will occasionally accessorize with two bobby pins to swoop long pieces away from my face.

Pre-Dry Dirt days, I was content with adding a handful of mousse to my hair after washing it. I’d also use a little bit of hairspray and shine serum to give unwashed hair a morning boost to start the day. Introducing Dry Dirt Texture Spray to my minimalistic beauty regimen only increased the labor by a few spritz at the roots and layers. Yet, the results turned free-flowing wavy hair into voluminous beach waves that appear to be dried by the Hawaiian sunshine and a salty sea breeze. (Ah, Maui is my happy place where salt hair don’t care.)

Dry Dirt helps achieve a glam look of tousled waves with slept-in imperfections. Jonathan Product’s Dry Dirt, a 100 percent vegan invisible dry spray, creates texture and dimension for a high-volume look. The “dirty spray” shines hair and delicately secures any hair style. It contains zero mineral oil, synthetic color, DEA or MEA.

Go for the Dry Dirt before a coffee date to tame sexy man-handled, morning-after “walk of shame” hair. Texturize air-dried waves for beachy surfer girl tresses accessorized with a turban headband while heading to the pool. Exaggerate piecey layers using Dry Dirt for a non-conformist intentional messy look that attracts the glances of a bearded hipster at a local speakeasy.

And what about styling tips? Enhance texture and definition by working Dry Dirt throughout dry hair. Separate sections, twist and blow dry. For big and bad hair, flip over your hair and spray Dry Dirt. Shake, tousle and flip back hair. Reapply the spray for a touch of bounce and lasting volume.

My hair didn’t know its potential before Dry Dirt. In retrospect, pre-Dry Dirt hair life was practically beauty mediocrity in comparison. After loosening braided helmet hair after riding my bike, I can give it the Dry Dirt touch and use a couple bobby pins to arbitrarily sweep up sections. In the morning before work, Dry Dirt rescues flat bed head with just a few spritz to create an acceptable work appearance, even before coffee. Dry Dirt is the lazy girl’s hair makeover quick-fix that not only works, but awakens hair life to new possibilities.

Get Jonathan Product Dry Dirt for $22 at and select beauty stores.

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