Bar Essentials: Wonderbar Facial Soap

Remember those carefree days when you used to just wash your face with soap? Maybe slapped on a moisturizer and called it a day? The new Wonderbar facial soap takes you back to those days but with a higher purpose — clean, healthy, balanced skin. The not-so-secret secret to the healing prowess of this simple brown bar is Heilmoor, an ancient Austrian clay that over time has sopped up hundreds of super-rich minerals and botanicals. The clay is paired with an algae-derived ingredient called Chlorey’nahre, and the marriage works to detoxify and calm even the most temperamental skin.

I tried it and can testify that while I was worried it might dry out my already parched mug, the little wonder bar (oh, that’s where they got the name!) left my skin clean and tight but not so taut that it felt like my face would crack. All you do is get the bar wet, lather it up in your hands and massage on your face and neck for a couple minutes twice daily.

I also noticed that the Spa Boy took a liking to the bar. I think guys have a natural aversion to facial cleansers that come in a pump so the manly bar was perfect for him. The company website says the Wonderbar helps with a variety of skin conditions including rosacea, eczema, acne and psoriasis and if the customer testimonials are any indication, it seems to live up to its claims.

The price? Well, the starter 25gm bar sells for $40 and lasts up to 2 months so I’d classify it as moderately pricey. But hey, if it works, it’s worth it. And the simplicity of use is a bonus.

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