Beauty Drinks: Nourish Skin from the Inside Out

Did you know that drinking diet soda can actually make you gain weight? I’m not making this stuff up – I read it on the internet (WebMD to be specific) so it must be true. Heh. Seriously, the theory is that the sweet taste of diet soda stimulates the appetite and you know what that leads to: a salt and vinegar potato chip with French onion dip binge (or at least that was me last weekend).

So how about trading at least one of those Diet Cokes (or Red Bull or Yoo-Hoo or Zombie Blood Energy Potion) for a tall, cold glass of beauty? This growing new crop of spa-inspired beauty drinks help repair and replenish skin from the inside out. Packed with energizing vitamins and anti-oxidants, these healthy gulps do more than just quench your thirst.

Glowelle Beauty Drink: Available in Raspberry Jasmine and Pomegranate Lychee flavors, both deep-red blends contain 19 antioxidants and concentrated amounts of pomegranate extract. The proprietary beauty blend includes cocoa, apple, grape seed, goji berry and white tea extracts. One powder stick contains 50 calories. The 7-day kit is $28 and the 30-day kit is $79 at

Pevonia PevoVitale Age-Defying Face & Body Drink: What if you could drink in the same benefits that you’d get from a spa facial? That’s the theory behind this new spa drink from the high-end skincare experts of Pevonia Botanica. Super berries like elderberry and blackberry meet a blend of tea extracts and are topped off by skin-nourishing marine collagen and hyaluronic acid. A surge of vitamins and minerals, each serving is 30 calories and zero sugar. The 30-stick pack is $59 at

HerbaSway Spa & Beauty Drink: A concentrated surge of antioxidants, this beauty drink comes in dropper form in seven blends – each formulated with tea and herbal extracts that feed your skin. Available in Green Tea, Raspberry Green Tea, Peach Green Tea, Blueberry, Cranberry, Acai and HerbaSlim (appetite suppressant and fat burner) blends. Two-ounce bottles start at $24.95 at

Noah’s Naturals Anti-Aging Beauty Beverage: Slightly effervescent and packed with a flavorful punch, this colorful drink contains a mix of super fruit extracts and an anti-wrinkle ingredient called COLLACTIVE – a proprietary blend f marine collagen and elastin that supports dermal connective tissues. Lutein and lycopene from veggies round out the nourishing ingredients. Each stick has 30 calories each. A 14-day supply is $19.99 30-day supply is $29.999 and is available at select food, drug and mass retailers nationwide and

Votre Vu SnapDragon Beauty Beverage: This palate-pleasing drink fuses fruit juices like mango and apple with a trio of teas and exotic herbal extracts. Aloe, drinkable collagen and the super fruit acai round out the impressive ingredients list. Be careful with this one though because rather than single-use packs, SnapDragon comes in a bottle. Although there’s no sugar added, an 8-oz. serving has 70 calories. The 2-pack is $23 at