Beauty Must-haves from Phoenix Reporter Andrea Robinson

FOX Reporter Andrea Robinson

Andrea Robinson is the traffic reporter and co-anchor on Fox-10 Arizona Morning. How does she stay looking so fresh every day? Moisturizer and lots of sleep! Oh, and she never goes to bed without washing her face. Read on to see what else Andrea Robinson keeps in her beauty arsenal.

So, what’s in your beauty bag, Andrea?
All of my beauty must-haves! First, moisturizer. I have to have it. I have really dry skin so I use a Neutrogena one with an SPF of 50. Then there’s my concealer. I am currently using one from Maybelline Fit. It’s liquid and moisturizing. Since I have dry skin, thick concealers accentuate the bags and lines under my eyes. I am also loving mineral makeup, specifically mineral powder in lieu of traditional foundation because better for your skin and it looks like I have a caked-on face. I love the Bare Essentuals foundation.

I have to have bronzer, too. I use the Bare Essentuals in Warmth for that glowy look. For mascara, I use L’Oreal Voluminous in Blackest Black. It’s my favorite – inexpensive and wonderful. I am not particular when it comes to eyeshadow. I swear, I buy new ones every month, usually L’Oreal or Revlon in plums and dark browns. I do love MAC eyeliner in Teddy and Bordeaux because it brings out the green in my eyes! As for lips, I usually do a nude liner with clear gloss. Revlon makes a great one.

What are you longing to add to your beauty bag?
I would love to splurge on an expensive face cream…any of them! But I can never justify spending money on it! I NEVER go to bed with makeup on so I think that is helping to keep my skin healthy, but I am sure one day I will cave.

Where is your favorite place to buy goodies for your cosmetic bag?
I honestly love Walgreens and Target for the quick items, but I have to be careful because I can go wild in there and leave with a basket full of makeup I never intended on buying. I also frequent Ulta for many things, especially my mineral makeup. They have a great selection!

What is your favorite spa splurge?
A facial! I should get them more often but never find the time.

Any other beauty insights for our Spa Girls?
Wash your face every night, no exceptions, no matter how tired you are! I moisturize every night and morning. Usually just a splash of cold water in the morning helps keep my skin less dry. I drink a TON of water and I sleep as much as I can considering I am a mom to an active toddler! As soon as he goes to bed, so do I. That helps with the bags under the eyes!

How do you, as a professional, balance work, home and baby… and still take time for YOU?
“Balance” is a word I am still learning. I used to think I was busy before I had a child, and now my world is organized chaos but we live by a routine. I have always been like that and I think that is key to staying sane. I work very early hours and value my time with my family so I work my day and usually try to work out quickly on the way home. That way, when I am home, I am home for good!

Anything that needs to be done after work usually involves my little guy or husband. I feel like I miss a lot being at work, so I fill up on my Carter time in the afternoon and evenings. I usually schedule any hair appointment during the week after work so that we can spend the weekends together. My husband and I always try for a couple of date nights a month, too!

Catch Andrea Robinson on FOX 10 Arizona Mornings starting at 7 a.m.


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