Got You Covered! Skin Cancer Foundation Approved Beauty

I’m having my first head-to-toe skin screening today. After writing The Truth about Tan Lines for a local magazine, I got all freaked out and made an appointment with a dermatologist about a month ago. So the day has arrived and now I’m really freaking out. I figure it’s got to be better than going […]

Home Faux: Your Guide to a DIY Safe Tan

Everything NOT under the sun you need to know for a healthy summer tan glow. Most trend spotters point a manicured finger at Coco Chanel’s fateful French Riviera trip for the fashionably tan craze. I blame Malibu Barbie circa 1971 (yes, I know I’m showing my age!). Role playing with a deeply tanned, platinum blond […]

Murad’s Most Wanted: Five Skincare Breakthroughs from the Healthy Skin Doc

Does anyone really ever listen to their doctor’s advice? I mean honestly, an apple a day? That’s just boring. But when skincare innovator Dr. Howard Murad speaks, people listen. In fact, funny story. I recently had the honor of interviewing Dr. Murad for an article in LiveSpa Magazine. I told myself before I dialed his […]

Ski Bum Solution: Suntegrity All Natural Sunscreen

It’s peak ski season spa girls and guys and there’s nothing more thrilling than strapping two sticks on your feet and flying down the side of a mountain (for some of you at least – I prefer a bunny slope run or two followed by a giant frothy hot cocoa). The only downsides of skiing […]

Beauty Drinks: Nourish Skin from the Inside Out

Did you know that drinking diet soda can actually make you gain weight? I’m not making this stuff up – I read it on the internet (WebMD to be specific) so it must be true. Heh. Seriously, the theory is that the sweet taste of diet soda stimulates the appetite and you know what that […]

Glow for Good: Jergens and Jane Krakowski Get Real for The Skin Cancer Foundation

We’ll admit it, we think a little glow never hurt anyone. That said, don’t think for a second we’re endorsing frying your pretty skin in the sun. Oh no, when it comes to tans we believe faux is the only option. Keeping with our sun-free mantra, Jergens Skincare has teamed up with The Skin Cancer […]

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