The No Commitment Tan: Wash-Off Bronzers

body bronzers

Fast, fake and fabulous bronzers. Avoid the hassle of self-tanners with wash-off bronzers and body tints, which provide an extra kiss of color without the commitment. Use them to mask imperfections like freckles and bruises, even out skin tone from a self-tanner gone wrong, hide tan lines, illuminate skin for an evening out or add […]

Beauty Rx! Top 10 Solutions to Everyday Beauty Woes

We’ve all been there. You’re having a perfectly good hair day and then out of nowhere, an ugly red bump sprouts up on your cheek. Or, somewhere between the mad dash from the early morning workout to that last-minute meeting, your “smudge-proof” mascara is now smeared under your eyes. Arm yourself with these tools and […]

Home Faux: Your Guide to a DIY Safe Tan

Everything NOT under the sun you need to know for a healthy summer tan glow. Most trend spotters point a manicured finger at Coco Chanel’s fateful French Riviera trip for the fashionably tan craze. I blame Malibu Barbie circa 1971 (yes, I know I’m showing my age!). Role playing with a deeply tanned, platinum blond […]

Product Review: Fake Bake Self-Tanning Mousse

Fake Bake Self-Tanning Mousse

So, I originally had this product review slated for the new Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist created by Lindsay Lohan and her personal airbrush tanning guru. But unfortunately, that experiment was a complete bust. As directed, I shook the bottle and sprayed a line down my freshly exfoliated leg. The Sephora consultant who sold me on […]

Instant Gratification: LOreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self Tanning Lotion

True Spa Girls bask in the glow of the faux sun. From bank-breaking designer formulas to drugstore clearance items in the form of towels, sprays and lotions — we’ve tried nearly every self tanning product available. And after enduring streaks, splotches and orange faces (how embarrassing!), L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze has won out as our […]

Savvy Spa Girls: Spa and Salon Coupon Deals for $50 and Less

Enough already with this pasty skin, congested complexion and these chipped nails, we’re hitting the spa. And since it’s totally fashionable now to whip out your coupons at the check-out counter, we rounded up 10 of our best bangs for the bucks. Don’t be shy to use your coupons, it’s hip to clip! $45 Womens […]

Product Review: Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist from LOreal

In the ongoing search for the perfect home bronzer, I gave the new Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist from L’Oreal Paris a whirl. Granted, my first experience with a home tanning mist did not go well and I was initially hesitant to give it a try. The $20 bottle of airbrush tanner that I […]

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