The No Commitment Tan: Wash-Off Bronzers

body bronzers

Fast, fake and fabulous bronzers. Avoid the hassle of self-tanners with wash-off bronzers and body tints, which provide an extra kiss of color without the commitment. Use them to mask imperfections like freckles and bruises, even out skin tone from a self-tanner gone wrong, hide tan lines, illuminate skin for an evening out or add […]

Blah to Tada: Your Head-to-Toe Beach Beauty Transformation

beach beauty

Every two to four weeks, the Western Banded Geckos of the desert Southwest shed their skin. These sprightly desert dwellers are nocturnal so despite the tan pigment of their supple surface, they hide out under rocks during the day, not daring to let in a slender toe taste direct sunlight. Seems we could learn a […]

Faux Your Glow: 6 Skin and Hair Essentials

After a bitter winter and one too many days stuck inside because of uncooperative weather, the sun beckons us like a beacon to soak in its warming rays. But don’t go burning that pretty skin we’ve worked so hard to protect. Stock up on these essentials, slather on the sunscreen and get your glow on […]

New Fave: Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush

Cream blushes are my new favorite invention. While they obviously are not new to most people, I was previously fearful of straying from my go-to powder blush. The past year has been fun as I’ve been experimenting with almost any cream blush I can get my hands on – and I recently got my paws […]

Tan on the Fly: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze One Day Tinted Gel

LOreal Sublime Bronze

Eek! I’m fading. I love a good spray tan but sometimes my skin needs a break … so does my wallet. But my blueish-white natural skin tone doesn’t go well with my summer wardrobe. When I want color but don’t have time to wait for a self-tanner to do its magic, I whip out the […]

Vacay Beauty: Fat Busters, Bronzers and On-the-Go Beauty Finds

Vacation or local staycation in your near future? Get swimsuit ready and travel in style with these pre-vacay and on-the-go product finds! Here are the cellulite treatments, self-tanners, and travel-friendly beauty items seen on today’s Good Morning Arizona. Cellulite Busters Bliss FatGirlSlim, FatGirlScrub and FatGirlSleep, set of three, $95 at Bliss Scottsdale and CleanLogic […]

Summer Tripping: Vacation Season Beauty Essentials

The last thing you have time for before a vacation is a day at the spa. Maybe you get your nails done and your hair cut, but what about the rest of you? And what types of on-the-go products can you tuck in your travel bag that 1) Don’t set off security warnings and 2) […]

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