The Bridal Beauty Emergency Kit: 5 Must-Haves!

Face those avoidable wedding day snafus head on with these must-have bridal emergency items. You’ve seen never-ending list of emergency bridal basics: bobby pins, safety pins, extra lip gloss, clear nail polish, sewing items, snacks … the list goes on and on. But, according to our newlyweds in the office, these five items are indispensable for Spa Girls heading down the aisle.

Bliss Problem Salved, $18 at This little wonder stick offers protection from a variety of wedding mishaps, Flyaway hairs before pictures? No problem. Itchy skin from those pesky bugs during your photos? Not anymore. Keep this one close by, you may need it more often than you think.

Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus Padding, $4.99 at most drugstores. This small piece of fabric will soothe squeezed and chafed feet and provide endless hours of dancing in those shoes you spent months picking out. Just cut and fit it into shoes before heading down the aisle.

White Chalk, dirt cheap at most craft stores.  This classroom original is perfect for accidental smudges and smears that may find their way onto your white gown.

SoleMates High Heeler, $9.95 at Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, this handy little shoe-saver slips right on the bottom of your heel to protect it from sinking in the grass, getting caught in grates and many other high heel hazards just waiting to happen on your big day.

Sunblock. While most beauty products come stocked with a bit of SPF, take extra precautions as you may be outside for extended periods of time for the ceremony, photos, cocktail hour, etc. Prior to applying makeup and lotions, lather up with an SPF-heavy cream and don’t forget your face. Think blushing bride, not lobster red burns. Try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock, SPF 55, $10 at most drugstores.

Beauty blunders happen to the best of us. Don’t let them catch you off guard on your wedding day. Pre-made kits are readily available at any bridal site, but take it from us, you don’t want to be without these 5 secret weapons. Take a stroll down the aisles of the Wedding Accessory Superstore in Phoenix for more handy wedding day stash.


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