Cheap Beauty Thrills Under $10

In the world of beauty, price isn’t everything. We just had to dig through our purses to discover that most of our beauty must-haves aren’t the priciest or prettiest products but instead, are practical and inexpensive. So, in honor of all things good and cheap, here is our top 10 tried-and-true faves all with price tags at $10 bucks or less.

1. Boujois Mini Loose Powder Eyeshadow. Add a little punch to your plain old matte eyeshadow with just a dab from these tiny shimmering pots. They come in a rainbow of shades for day or night wear and have super staying power. $8 at

2. Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly. We know, we know. Vaseline petroleum jelly is the answer to a myriad of beauty woes from dry skin to chapped lips. But frankly, being that it’s a by-product of the gasoline industry, it’s kind of gross. We like this product because it’s make plant extracts and natural oils. $5.99 at

3. Burt’s Bees Citrus Facial Scrub. This nitty-gritty concoction may not look like much but its power-packed, all-natural scrubbing agents exfoliate skin instantly. As an added bonus, skin feels super soft after it’s rinsed. $8 at

4. La Femme Cream Lipsticks. Long-wear color in rich pigmented shades made with the same ingredients as high-end brands–for a fraction of the price. Need we say more? $5.50 at

5. Lippmann Collection The Stripper To Go. We never leave home without one of these lavender nail polish remover mitts tucked in our bag for nail emergencies. Six mini mitts per box, one mitt removes nail lacquer on all ten fingers (or toes!). $8 at

6. C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha Lip Shine. Skip your regular waxy lip balm and go for the gloss. This light, minty lip moisturizer has the perfect amount of shine and tastes so good you’ll want to lick it off your lips. $7.50 at

7. John Frieda Extra Strength Hair Serum. Rub a few drops of this miracle serum through the ends of your hair for de-frizzed, soft tresses. Unlike other serums, it doesn’t make hair sticky or greasy. $5.49 at

8. Frederic Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray To Go. Stiff, frizzy, helmet-like hair may have been cool back in the 80s but today it’s all about soft and shiny. Luckily with this little spray, it’s possible to lock in style while protecting your tresses from UV rays and fading color. $10 at

9. E.L.F. Shine Eraser. After a relaxing day at the spa or hectic day in the office, we wouldn’t dare mask our natural glow by caking on more makeup. But sometimes when our glow is a little too bright (and shiny) these thin blotting papers quickly erase excess oil. $1 at

10. Noah’s Naturals Hand Salve. Stash this jojoba and soy wax-based moisturizer in your bedside table and massage into your cuticles and backs of your hands nightly to keep hands super smooth. $7.99 at