Eye Love: M.B. York Beauty Ammo Kit

MB York Beauty Ammo Kit

Mary Beth York has room to talk pretty. She's tall, blond and one hot momma (of one girly girl in training). She's also not the type to keep all her beauty secrets to herself. Celebrity makeup artist, aesthetician and former day spa owner, Mary Beth York launched her M.B.York Beauty Ammo Kit as a triple threat against under-eye circles and laugh lines.

The three-step eye transformation starts with the "Pump it Up, Leave it On" Collagen Eye Mask, a hydrating mask that you tap on under and around eyes with your fingertips. Step two is the wrinkle-filling Line Putty, a calming formula enriched with chamomile and glycerin that you layer on top of the eye mask. Using a cosmetic sponge, you gently pat the two potions into skin. Step three is the non-greasy Camouflage Eye Disguise concealer, which unlike regular under-eye concealer, you sweep generously all the way across the area under each eye. The look comes together with a final blending using the sponge.

The trio can feel a bit heavy at first until you get used to it but the results are flawless, especially once you blend them into your foundation and powder. The Collagen Eye Mask can also be used as a night treatment. The M.B. York Beauty Ammo Kit is $85 and includes the Collagen Eye Mask, Line Putty, Concealer and two sponge applicators packaged in a pretty pink hat box.

Get the M.B. York Beauty Ammo Kit at mbyork.com and be sure to download the instructional video so you get the three-step process down pat!