From Hot Mess to Hotness: Mane Teeze Hair Perfumes

Mane Teeze Hair Perfume

Oh, the irony. You spend bookoo bucks getting a killer haircut, maybe a few fresh highlights and a rockin’ blowout only to have your coif suck up some gross smell that forces you to have to wash it all out the next day. The culprits could be anything from sweat (bring it on, summer), your favorite sushi restaurant (um, fried salmon skin anyone?) or that random puff of cigarette smoke that could be hiding around any corner (ewww).

Before you wash out your fabulous “do,” do this first! Spritz on Mane Teeze Hair Perfume!

Mane Teeze by T&M (creators Tara and Melanie) has introduced a new line of deliciously scented hair perfumes that vanquish the ickiest of scents, leaving tresses laced instead with exotic, enchanting aromas.

So why not spritz your hair with your regular fragrance? While the Mane Teeze Hair Perfumes contain a higher concentration of fragrance than your typical perfume, they are formulated to be gentler for use on hair. The long-lasting scents are noticeable for up to 12 hours and can combat all sorts of lingering smells while keeping hair vibrant and not weighed down. Only a couple of sprays provide all-over coverage without leaving a greasy consistency or drying out hair.

The question is, which hair perfume scent is right for you?

  • Black Widow: An aroma with a bite, this enchanting scent features undertones of dark amber.
  • Haut Mess: Think chocolate and caramel (mmm)! This scent was developed to increase your “haut-ness” factor.
  • Social Butterfly: Our favorite of the three, this scent features a delightful punch of vanilla and coconut and reminds us of sipping piña coladas on some exotic beach.

One tip for the testing team: Don't overdo it! The perfume smells so darn good, you'll want to spray it like crazy on everything in sight (yes, we even sprayed it on the spa dogs, who couldn't stop sniffing themselves). A little goes a long way.

Mane Teeze Hair Perfumes are available in a generous 50 mL bottles for $34 each or in a set of three for $99 at

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