Hopscotch Kids Nail Polishes for the Spa Girl in Training

Hopskotch Kids

My 3-year-old niece is the cutest little nugget to ever walk the earth and on the rare occasions we get to spend one-on-one time together, it always involves me breaking out my nail polish collection. She’s actually pretty good at sitting still while I paint her teeny tiny toenails. Her fingernails are a little more challenging as any of you with kids know – wet nails tend to end up in their mouths, their hair, on your furniture. But it’s darn good fun and during our last time together, I had a new product for us to test out. I tried to get a proper review out of her but she didn’t have much to say other than picking out the color (the kid loves pink and I love that) so I’ll have to do the honors.

Created by a Phoenix mom of four, Hopscotch Kids is a kid-centic cosmetic line that features water-based nail polishes void of any nasty chemicals, heavy metals or noxious smells. The polishes – called Water Colors – come in vibrate hues that inspire creativity with fun names like “Ink a Bink Bottle of Ink” blue and “Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum in a Dish” pink. They only require one coat for a dash of color and dry to the touch in no time. No base coat necessary – the non-toxic colorants won’t yellow nails.

The polish remover is acetone-free and comes in a spill-proof bottle. We thought it worked pretty fast when we smeared one of her nails and decided on a re-do. Ingredients such as plant-based alcohol, fatty acids and organic butter actually nourish tiny nails.

Hopskotch Kids Water Colors are $8 each and also come in value twin and party packs. Birthday girls can celebrate her big day with friends with the Birthday Pack, which comes with eight Water Colors, polish remover and nail buffer packaged in a tin pail.

Overall, we gave the product two tiny thumbs up and then celebrated our first review together with a juice break.

Hop on over to HopscotchKids.com to get your spa-girl-in-training in the spirit and give a shout out of support to our local mom inventors!

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