Practical Magic: Immunocologie Treatment Masque

Immunocologie Treatment Masque

There are masks. And then there are masques. I’ve never quite understood the difference other than the latter is harder to spell. Then I met a sleek, black glass jar with the simple words Immunocologie Treatment Masque across the front. This, my Spa Girl friends, is a masque.

Formulated with a “bio-fermented” marine complex and a host of rare botanicals, the ebony container of Immunocologie Treatment Masque looks like a secret concoction you might find atop a magician’s vanity table. When you screw the lid off this heavy glass jar, you’ll find a mysterious sea foam green mixture inside that comes with little pomp and circumstance. No perfumy or flowery aromas here. The scent is more like standing in a wheat field that edges up against a briny seaside. That’s as close as I can get to descibriging anyway. 

So, not sure what to expect, I started with thoroughly cleansed skin. The masque has a creamy, almost rubbery texture and as I applied it, I was able to smooth it out in a thin layer across my face and neck. As the masque dried, I felt a tingling sensation. The drier it got, the tighter it got. After about 20 minutes, I used a warm wet face cloth to remove the hardened green crust. I used my favorite new toner to remove any last bits (Stila Undercover Conditioning Toner; it will change your life), followed by a vitamin C serum and light moisturizer.

The results were fantastic. My skin looked and felt noticeably firmer and had a rosy hue from the increased circulation. I had a dewy, perky complexion all day and with continued use, I could swear my skin is firmer and definitely clearer.

What’s the magic behind this masque? The answer is an ingredients list that reads like an exotic international menu including Sierra Nevada minerals, Brazilian red and brown marine algae, freeze-dried marine phytoplankton from Holland, sea buckthorn and acacia seed oil along with a host of other high-end botanicals.

Granted, at $125 for the 8.5-ounce jar, this is among priciest magic potions in my beauty arsenal. But I equate that to the price of the facials that I’ve been able to skip thanks to the difference I’ve seen in my skin since using this weekly.

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