Jouer Lip Enhancers: Lip Gloss with a Kick

Jouer Lip Enhancer

You’ve heard it before, and this certainly won’t be the last time, but I have a slight obsession with lip gloss. It seems the more glosses I try, the pickier I become. My least favorite downfall is the wrong consistency. When a gloss is too light, it wears off within seconds but when it’s too heavy, it gets sticky and overbearing.

Jouer Lip Enhancers have the perfect consistency. The formulation is light enough to look pretty but thick enough to have longevity.

Jouer Lip Enhancers use clinically proven “Maxi Lip” to hydrate lips while increasing fullness and decreasing fine lines. Upon applying the gloss, I could immediately feel the moisture returning to my lips. They were once again kissably soft and I couldn’t help but rub them together to feel the softness in action. And after wearing it continually for a few weeks, I noticed that even when I wasn’t wearing it, my lips were significantly softer.

Initially I tried, and really loved, the Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer that is sheer with a hint of pink. But being one who prefers a tinted gloss, I found myself using it under my colored glosses so I could still have the benefits of the product with the color I love. That is when I found the Jouer Tinted Lip Enhancer in Cosmo. It was the perfect blend of the moisture I had grown to love with the color I prefer. Cosmo is a poppy shade of pink that has a dark enough tint that you can see the pretty pink color without being overbearing. I must admit though, now that I have tried both I find myself reaching for the sheer every now and then, especially when I want a more natural look.

 Jouer Lip Enhancers come in three formulations, Essential Lip Enhancer, Pearl Lip Enhancer and Tinted Lip Enhancer. The Essential Lip Enhancer is only available in a sheer shade while pearl comes in a shimmering Rose, Peach and Nude color and tinted comes in Cosmo, Bellini and Shiraz. Next on my list to try is Bellini, or maybe Rose … decisions, decisions.

Jouer Lip Enhancers are available online at for $14 for essential or $16 for pearl and tinted.


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