Juliette Has a Gun Perfume: The Sweet Smell of Star-Crossed Seduction

Listen up fragrance aficionados, we’ve stumbled on a perfume line that speaks to your literary yearnings for a scent with intrigue. Juliette Has a Gun is a fragrance line meant to be an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Juliet, from Romeo and Juliet, transposed to the 21st century. The gun of course is a metaphor for the perfume – the ultimate weapon of seduction. This wildly creative collection features seven fragrances, candles and a miniature purse fragrance in the shape of a bullet (love that!).

Citizen Queen, my favorite of the five scents that I tested, features leather, iris and amber undertones. The perfectly blended combination creates a girly yet bold fragrance. It has the bravado to keep up with this busy spa girl but subtlety to keep passersby intrigued.

Next up is Not a Perfume. This unique scent uses just one element: Cetalox. Usually used as a back note in most perfumes, Romano Ricci, the creative force behind the fragrance line, openly identifies Cetalox as one of his favorites ingredients. This favoritism is what brought the lesser mentioned scent to center stage and ultimately makes this pretty little fragrance entirely allergen free. Much more subtle than the rest, Not a Perfume is the perfect accent to a pretty chiffon dress.

Miss Charming on the other hand, should be partnered with your best LBD and platform heels. With Morrocan rose, musk and wild berries by her side, this perfume is ready to break some hearts. This is one fragrance that screams playful and sweet but you can sense danger is just around the corner.

Finally, the duo of Calamity J and Lady Vengeance. Both are strong, powerful scents that will leave any woman ready to conquer the world. Calamity J. features patchouli, iris, amber and musk while Lady Vengeance mixes it up with Bulgarian rose, patchouli and vanilla. Both bring out the masculine edge to feminine fragrance.

Want to unleash your wild side and arm yourself with these scents of seduction? Visit juliettehasagun.com and check out the full Juliette Has a Gun collection. Perfumes start at $85. Speaking of pairing up your perfume with your platforms, you can also purchase Juliette Has a Gun at zappos.com.