4 Bathtime Necessities from Kneipp

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Bathing beauty secrets from Kneipp.

One of life’s greatest escapes is a bathtub brimming with warm, sudsy bubbles. All you really need for a bonafide Calgon moment is a clean (okay, cleanish) bathtub, a squirt of bubble bath, and preferably, a door with a lock. Like all good things though, there’s a downside — basking in a tub of steamy water can sap your skin of nutrients and moisture, especially if you load it up with a soapy bubble bath. Make the most of your self-care timeout with these four non-drying, skin-nourishing, nature-loving potions from Kneipp.

Backed by more than 125 years as pioneers in therapeutic natural remedies, the Kneipp name is synonymous with well-being. Kneipp bath and body products are plant-based, vegan, cruelty-free, dermatologist tested and void of paraffin, silicone, mineral oils and preservatives. Best of all, the intoxicating aromas and nourishing plant oils are perfectly married to enhance both your mood and skin.  

Grab and towel and bolt the bathroom door! Here’s your Kneipp prescription for a skin and soul-soothing bath.

Red Poppy & Hemp Aromatherapy Bubble Bath – Pure Bliss

Gotta have your bubbles? The red poppy and hemp seed oils in this aromatherapy bubble bath work together to create a cheerful, uplifting aroma. Pour a capful under running water and sink back into a tubful of fragrant, dancing bubbles. $15

Red Poppy & Hemp Mineral Bath Salt – Pure Bliss

Toss in another capful of these fragrant salts to amp up your relaxation and soothe achy muscles. The red poppy seed oil calms the senses while the mineral-rich thermal spring salts gently cleanse and detoxify. The cherry on top is the hemp-derived cannabis sativa seed oil, which does double duty to hydrate skin and support post-bath moisture retention. Oh, and it smells good too. Really good. $20

Argan & Marula Sugar Body Scrub – Beauty Secret

Out with the old (skin) and in with the new (glow)! Massage this one-two-punch of sugar and natural oils on rough spots like knees and elbows and gently all over to polish skin to its glowing best. Bonus: the Marula oil, which comes from the kernels from a tree in Africa, is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins to give skin a big drink of nourishment. $22

Argan & Marula Bath Oil – Beauty Secret

Lock in the good vibes with this final step in your bathing ritual. Dry off and then apply this silky, intoxicating blend of exotic argan and marula oils. You can also add a capful to your bath but I like to use it as my post-bath moisturizer. It leaves skin super soft and wonderfully scented. $22

Shop the Kneipp bath and body collection at kneipp.com and for more bathtime secrets, read our tips for the perfect bathing experience.

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