Lash Rehab: Lashem Measurable Difference LashGel

Lashem Lash Gel

I’m a mascara fanatic. At any moment in time, I have at least two tubes in my purse, one floating around in my office drawer and as for my bathroom vanity … well, I don’t have time to count them right now. But while I love testing out the latest mascara to hit the shelves, my lashes don’t always love me back. Under all that fantastic gunk are lashes crying out for a little me time. Just like your hair needs a good conditioner, so do your eyelashes and I decided to give them a little love with Lashem Measurable Difference LashGel.

Formulated to deliver essential proteins and vitamins to your lashes, Lashem aims to improve the overall condition and health of your lashes. It’s not an eyelash growth serum but it does strengthen broken and brittle lashes, which means it’s great for lash extension users. It also adds a nice boost of shine and luster to the lashes.

Applying the Lashem gel is pretty simple and outlined right on the bottle, so there’s no need to keep any paper instructions or product boxes for reference. Twice a day, apply the liquid to your lash line. Eyes should be clear of makeup and facial product when applying for best results. I managed to get a drop in my eye the first time I tried it and, to my surprise, it didn’t hurt or sting in the slightest – good news for clumsy hands like mine.

After a few weeks of testing out the product, there was a noticeable difference in the health of my natural lashes. In fact, there were significantly less loose eyelashes on my cheeks and cleansing wipes at the end of the day.

I also noticed a slight increase in volume, which made my latest obsession (Maybelline Falsies, it’s awesome!) a joy to apply. I’ll always be on a quest for the perfect mascara to give me the long, thick lashes I crave but meantime, I’ll be treating them to more time off for good behavior!

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