Manly Beauty: Men’s Grooming Finds

sun bum pro face stick

Top men’s grooming finds for the dapper guy in your life.

Man cannot live on soap and water alone. No sir. To survive the daily onslaught of sun, sweat and stress, man needs product. Manly products. Products that battle the blazing sun, honor your inner jock and stand strong against muss. Products that keep you vibrant, valiant and virile.

Products like these manly men’s grooming finds.

Morning Mug

Perk up your shaving routine with a morning jolt. Caffeine, a natural vasoconstrictor and antioxidant, is the key ingredient in Pacific Shaving Company’s Caffeinated Shaving Cream and Aftershave. Along with botanicals like aloe and spearmint, the formulations help reduce the appearance of redness and razor rash while stimulating circulation and keeping skin bright and perky. $8.99 each at

Buff Scruff

Cleansing, invigorating and oh-so effective, use Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub weekly to revitalize and soothe skin. Apricot seed powder polishes away dead surface skin cells and other impurities to banish roughness and soften facial hair for a closer shave. A blend of caffeine and menthol boosts and brightens your complexion. $26 at

Dapper Do

Rock your modern pompadour with a daub of Mister Pompadour’s Moroccan Texture Paste. Never stiff, never rigid, the coconut and Moroccan Argan oil-infused paste amps your style with a natural, semi-matte finish and a subtly exotic scent. Ideal for shorter, tousled styles, the styling aide adds definition, shine and an air of debonair. $17.50 at

Sun Smart

Don’t be sun dumb, seriously. The leathery hide and deep lines (and potentially fatal skin diseases) just aren’t worth it. Reach for the bum. Mineral-based Sun Bum Pro SPF 30 Face Stick goes on clear, won’t bleed into your eyes and won’t come off during even the most rigorous outdoor adventures. $14.99 at

Smooth Moves

Don’t let the name throw you. Uberlube is a weightless, non-greasy finishing product that does it all. Use it to tame frizz and add a subtle sheen to hair and to stave off chafing during exercise. The silicon base keeps skin silky and moisturized and helps deter the drying effects of pool chlorine. And well, let’s just say, the discreet bottle is nightstand friendly too. $18 at