Natural Cold and Flu Remedies from the Beauty Aisles

Cold and Flu Remedies: 21 Drops 15 Decongest

Natural cold and flu remedies with a side of spahhhh.

Flu season arrived early this year with a fiery vengeance. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, this could potentially be the worst flu season we have seen in more than 10 years (yuck). Don’t let flu symptoms keep you down! Stock up on these natural cold and flu remedies that offer relief with a side of spa.

21 Drops 15 Decongest Essential Oil Blend. Apply to the wrist, pulse points and chest and then inhaled deeply! This powerful essential oil blend helps to relieve congestion to promote healthy lungs and breathing. Formulated with ravintsara, myrrh resin, eucalyptus and black pepper, this little wonder helps loosen mucus build-up, ease coughing, fight infection and even reduce fever. 21 Drops blends are free of artificial fragrances, colors, silicone and parabens. $29 at

LATHER Healthy Hands. LATHER's new Healthy Hands contains their signature Lemongrass Wasabi Hand Wash and Aloe & Chamomile Hand Lotion. This booty kicking pair protects your delicate hands from dryness while protecting with antimicrobial qualities. Wasabi oil is a healthy alternative to the harsh chemicals found in most hand sanitizers. Conditioning sunflower oil, aloe vera leaf gel and jojoba seed oil help soften hands and it is free of sulfates, which can strip skin of natural oils. $24 at

Kiss My Face Cold & Flu Bath and Shower Gel. Find comfort in soothing botanicals such as eucalyptus, fennel and horehound. Besides smelling divine, horehound has soothing properties so you feel like you’ve been wrapped in a aromatic hug. Eucalyptus is cooling and soothing to the skin providing some temporary relief from the aches and pains. The olive oil, aloe vera and allantoin will soothe skin while fennel works as an anti-inflammatory. $10.50 at

Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger Body Scrub. Warm your body and soul with this woody smelling body scrub. Infused with eucalyptus, rosemary and menthol, this scrub is a treat for the senses. The mild warming effect helps warm your skin and can take away the chilly bite of the flu. The sea salt exfoliates skin and leaves you with a warm glow. $48 at

Kneipp Eucalyptus Cold & Flu Mineral Bath Salts. A warm bath is an excellent way to heat up and soothe tired muscles when you're not feeling well. These healing bath salts are infused with eucalyptus, which is a natural disinfectant that can help clear your mind and body while you are sick. It also works as a natural decongestant to help clear your sinuses. $19 at

Aveda Singular Note Eucalyptus Oil. Eucalyptus oil offers natural relief for clearing your lungs and soothing achy muscles. Its aromatic properties refreshes the senses and can help you find clarity with the fresh, strong, herbal top note. Smooth over moist skin and let the healing begin. $14 at 

Historical Remedies Pick-Up Drops. Got that here-comes-a-cold feeling? Pop one of these lemon-flavored lozenges in your mouth to boost your immune system. Formulated by a team of pharmacists and naturopathic and homeopathic physicians, these little suckers contain aconite to help protect the body from colds and energy dips. They support the immune system when your body feels run-down or like a cold is about to hit. $6.50 at

Stay healthy!

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